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PivotTable Advanced Filter

Element information


Schema document: sml-pivotTable.xsd

Other elements with the same name: ssml:filter

Type: ssml:CT_PivotFilter

Properties: Local, Qualified



fld [1..1]xsd:unsignedIntField Index
mpFld [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntMember Property Field Id
type [1..1]ssml:ST_PivotFilterTypePivot Filter Type
evalOrder [0..1]xsd:intEvaluation OrderDefault value is "0".
id [1..1]xsd:unsignedIntPivot Filter Id
iMeasureHier [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntMeasure Index
iMeasureFld [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntMeasure Field Index
name [0..1]ssml:ST_XstringPivot Filter Name
description [0..1]ssml:ST_XstringPivot Filter Description
stringValue1 [0..1]ssml:ST_XstringLabel Pivot
stringValue2 [0..1]ssml:ST_XstringLabel Pivot Filter String Value 2

Used in

Sample instance

<ssml:filter fld="1" type="unknown" id="1">
      <ssml:filterColumn colId="1">
      <ssml:sortState ref="string">
         <ssml:sortCondition ref="string" iconSet="3Arrows"/>
            <!--any element-->
         <!--any element-->

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