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Pivot Filter Types

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:string
    • Valid valueDescription
      captionEqualCaption Equals
      captionNotEqualCaption Not Equal
      captionBeginsWithCaption Begins With
      captionNotBeginsWithCaption Does Not Begin With
      captionEndsWithCaption Ends With
      captionNotEndsWithCaption Does Not End With
      captionContainsCaption Contains
      captionNotContainsCaption Does Not Contain
      captionGreaterThanCaption Is Greater Than
      captionGreaterThanOrEqualCaption Is Greater Than Or Equal To
      captionLessThanCaption Is Less Than
      captionLessThanOrEqualCaption Is Less Than Or Equal To
      captionBetweenCaption Is Between
      captionNotBetweenCaption Is Not Between
      valueEqualValue Equal
      valueNotEqualValue Not Equal
      valueGreaterThanValue Greater Than
      valueGreaterThanOrEqualValue Greater Than Or Equal To
      valueLessThanValue Less Than
      valueLessThanOrEqualValue Less Than Or Equal To
      valueBetweenValue Between
      valueNotBetweenValue Not Between
      dateEqualDate Equals
      dateNotEqualDate Does Not Equal
      dateOlderThanDate Older Than
      dateOlderThanOrEqualDate Older Than Or Equal
      dateNewerThanDate Newer Than
      dateNewerThanOrEqualDate Newer Than or Equal To
      dateBetweenDate Between
      dateNotBetweenDate Not Between
      nextWeekNext Week
      thisWeekThis Week
      lastWeekLast Week
      nextMonthNext Month
      thisMonthThis Month
      lastMonthLast Month
      nextQuarterNext Quarter
      thisQuarterThis Quarter
      lastQuarterLast Quarter
      nextYearNext Year
      thisYearThis Year
      lastYearLast Year
      Q1First Quarter
      Q2Second Quarter
      Q3Third Quarter
      Q4Fourth Quarter
      M2Dates in February
      M3Dates in March
      M4Dates in April
      M5Dates in May
      M6Dates in June
      M7Dates in July
      M8Dates in August
      M9Dates in September
      M10Dates in October
      M11Dates in November
      M12Dates in December
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