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		Specification Name: OASIS CIQ TC - extensible Party Information Language Types (xPIL-types)
		Description: Defines the W3C schema that provides enumeration lists to support
		(Using XML Schema based standard code list/enumeration mechanism - OPTION 1 AND DEFAULT)
		Produced by: OASIS Customer Information Quality Technical Committee
		Version: 3.0  
		Status: Committee Specification
		Copyright: 2006-07, OASIS,
		Last Modified: 18 September 2007
		Last Modified by: Ram Kumar, Chair, OASIS CIQ TC 
		NOTE: This is the schema that users can customise the enumeration lists to meet their
		exchange requirements. The enumeration values provided are ONLY SAMPLES and 
		is not complete. It is upto the application to decide what the values should be. To achieve 
		interoperability between applications using this specification, it is recommended that an
		SLA/agreement is in place as to what the enumeration values will be used in this file 

Schema document information

Namespace: urn:oasis:names:tc:ciq:xpil:3

File path: external/have/1.0/xPIL-types.xsd

Properties: Element Form Default: qualified, Attribute Form Default: qualified

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