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List of information types used for describing a vehicle

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:normalizedString
    • Valid valueDescription
      MakeFree text make description, e.g. Toyota, Ford
      ModelFree text model description, e.g. Pajero, Falcon, etc. May include make as in Ford Falcon or Mitsubishi Pajero. If the make information is included then do not put the make as a separate element qualified with Make.
      ManufactureDateFree text data which can be a full date or a year.
      EngineNumberFree text engine number
      ChassisNumberFree text chassis number
      BodyNumberFree text body number
      LicensePlateNumberFree text license plate number
      LicensePlateTypeNumber plate types are different. e.g. standard, premier, diplomat, etc
      BodyTypeType of body. e.g. Sedan, Ute, Station wagon, 2 door, etc
      TypeUse this if the enumeration list for type of vehicle is not used.
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