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List of information types used for describing a qualification

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:normalizedString
    • Valid valueDescription
      QualificationNameFree text name of the qualification
      MajorSubjectName of the major subject of the qualification
      MinorSubjectName of a minor subject of the qualification
      GradeGrade (average?, percentage? ) achieved with the qualification.
      CourseDurationFree text description of the duration of the course, e.g. 4 years, 1 month, etc.
      CompletionDateFree text description of the date when the qualification was completed to the best known precision.
      AwardAward, or distinction that was awarded to the graduate, e.g. honors.
      RestrictionRestrictions imposed on the graduate, e.g. not valid before completion of 2 year practical work under supervision.
      RegistrationDetails of any professional registration if required for practicing, e.g. for pharmacists, electricians, medical professionals.
      WayOfStudyFull time, part time, evening classes, extramural, etc.
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