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This attribute is used at both the resource and the portion levels. One or more indicators identifying information which qualifies as foreign government information for which the source(s) of the information is not concealed. The attribute can indicate that the source of information of foreign origin is unknown. It is manifested in portion marks and security banners. PERMISSIBLE VALUES 1) The value "UNKNOWN" is permitted under the circumstances described above. 2) The full set of values are defined in the Controlled Value Enumeration: CVEnumISMFGIOpen.xml

Attribute information

Namespace: urn:us:gov:ic:ism

Schema document: ISM/IC-ISM.xsd

Type: ismfgio:CVEnumISMFGIOpen

Properties: Global, Qualified


  • List of:
    • Type based on xsd:token
      • Valid valueDescription
        AFGIslamic Republic of Afghanistan
        AGOthe Republic of Angola
        ALBRepublic of Albania
        ANDthe Principality of Andorra
        AREUnited Arab Emirates
        ARGthe Argentine Republic
        ARMthe Republic of Armenia
        ASMTerritory of American Samoa
        ATFFrench Southern and Antarctic Lands
        ATGAntigua and Barbuda
        AUSCommonwealth of Australia
        AUTthe Republic of Austria
        AX2Guantanamo Bay
        AZEthe Republic of Azerbaijan
        BDIthe Republic of Burundi
        BELthe Kingdom of Belgium
        BENthe Republic of Benin
        BESBonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba
        BFABurkina Faso
        BGDPeople's Republic of Bangladesh
        BGRRepublic of Bulgaria
        BHRthe Kingdom of Bahrain
        BHSCommonwealth of The Bahamas
        BIHBosnia and Herzegovina
        BLMSaint Barthelemy
        BLRRepublic of Belarus
        BOLPlurinational State of Bolivia
        BRAFederative Republic of Brazil
        BRNBrunei Darussalam
        BTNthe Kingdom of Bhutan
        BVTBouvet Island
        BWAthe Republic of Botswana
        CAFCentral African Republic
        CCKTerritory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands
        CHEthe Swiss Confederation
        CHLRepublic of Chile
        CHNPeople's Republic of China
        CIVthe Republic of Côte d'Ivoire
        CMRthe Republic of Cameroon
        CODDemocratic Republic of the Congo
        COGRepublic of the Congo
        COKCook Islands (the)
        COLRepublic of Colombia
        COMUnion of the Comoros
        CPTClipperton Island
        CPVRepublic of Cape Verde
        CRIRepublic of Costa Rica
        CUBRepublic of Cuba
        CXRTerritory of Christmas Island
        CYMCayman Islands (the)
        CYPRepublic of Cyprus
        CZECzech Republic
        DEUthe Federal Republic of Germany
        DGADiego Garcia
        DJIthe Republic of Djibouti
        DMAthe Commonwealth of Dominica
        DNKthe Kingdom of Denmark
        DOMthe Dominican Republic
        DZAthe People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
        ECURepublic of Ecuador
        EGYthe Arab Republic of Egypt
        ERIthe State of Eritrea
        ESHWestern Sahara
        ESPthe Kingdom of Spain
        ESTthe Republic of Estonia
        ETHthe Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
        FINthe Republic of Finland
        FJIthe Republic of Fiji
        FLKFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
        FRAFrench Republic
        FROFaroe Islands (the)
        FSMFederated States of Micronesia
        GABthe Gabonese Republic
        GBRthe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
        GGYBailiwick of Guernsey
        GHAthe Republic of Ghana
        GINthe Republic of Guinea
        GLPDepartment of Guadeloupe
        GMBRepublic of The Gambia
        GNBthe Republic of Guinea-Bissau
        GNQRepublic of Equatorial Guinea
        GRCthe Hellenic Republic
        GTMthe Republic of Guatemala
        GUFDepartment of Guiana
        GUMTerritory of Guam
        GUYCo-operative Republic of Guyana
        HKGHong Kong Special Administrative Region
        HMDTerritory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands
        HNDthe Republic of Honduras
        HRVthe Republic of Croatia
        HTIthe Republic of Haiti
        IDNthe Republic of Indonesia
        IMNIsle of Man
        INDRepublic of India
        IOTBritish Indian Ocean Territory
        IRNIslamic Republic of Iran
        IRQthe Republic of Iraq
        ISLthe Republic of Iceland
        ISRthe State of Israel
        ITAItalian Republic
        JEYBailiwick of Jersey
        JORthe Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
        KAZthe Republic of Kazakhstan
        KENthe Republic of Kenya
        KGZthe Kyrgyz Republic
        KHMthe Kingdom of Cambodia
        KIRRepublic of Kiribati
        KNAthe Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
        KORRepublic of Korea
        KWTthe State of Kuwait
        LAOLao People's Democratic Republic
        LBNthe Lebanese Republic
        LBRthe Republic of Liberia
        LCASaint Lucia
        LIEthe Principality of Liechtenstein
        LKAthe Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
        LSOthe Kingdom of Lesotho
        LTUthe Republic of Lithuania
        LUXthe Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
        LVAthe Republic of Latvia
        MACMacau Special Administrative Region
        MAFSaint Martin
        MARthe Kingdom of Morocco
        MCOthe Principality of Monaco
        MDARepublic of Moldova
        MDGthe Republic of Madagascar
        MDVthe Republic of Maldives
        MEXthe United Mexican States
        MHLRepublic of the Marshall Islands
        MKDRepublic of Macedonia
        MLIthe Republic of Mali
        MLTthe Republic of Malta
        MMRUnion of Burma
        MNPCommonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
        MOZthe Republic of Mozambique
        MRTthe Islamic Republic of Mauritania
        MTQDepartment of Martinique
        MUSRepublic of Mauritius
        MWIthe Republic of Malawi
        MYTDepartment of Mayotte
        NAMthe Republic of Namibia
        NCLNew Caledonia
        NERthe Republic of the Niger
        NFKTerritory of Norfolk Island
        NGAthe Federal Republic of Nigeria
        NICthe Republic of Nicaragua
        NLDKingdom of the Netherlands
        NORKingdom of Norway
        NPLthe Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
        NRUthe Republic of Nauru
        NZLNew Zealand
        OMNSultanate of Oman
        PAKthe Islamic Republic of Pakistan
        PANthe Republic of Panama
        PCNPitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands
        PERthe Republic of Peru
        PHLRepublic of the Philippines
        PLWthe Republic of Palau
        PNGIndependent State of Papua New Guinea
        POLthe Republic of Poland
        PRICommonwealth of Puerto Rico
        PRKDemocratic People's Republic of Korea
        PRTthe Portuguese Republic
        PRYthe Republic of Paraguay
        PSEPalestinian Territory
        PYFFrench Polynesia
        QATthe State of Qatar
        REUDepartment of Reunion
        RUSRussian Federation
        RWAthe Republic of Rwanda
        SAUKingdom of Saudi Arabia
        SDNthe Republic of the Sudan
        SENthe Republic of Senegal
        SGPthe Republic of Singapore
        SGSSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
        SHNSaint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha
        SLBSolomon Islands (the)
        SLEthe Republic of Sierra Leone
        SLVthe Republic of El Salvador
        SMRthe Republic of San Marino
        SPMTerritorial Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon
        SRBRepublic of Serbia
        SSDthe Republic of South Sudan
        STPthe Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
        SURthe Republic of Suriname
        SVKthe Slovak Republic
        SVNthe Republic of Slovenia
        SWEthe Kingdom of Sweden
        SWZthe Kingdom of Swaziland
        SXMSint Maarten
        SYCRepublic of Seychelles
        SYRSyrian Arab Republic
        TCATurks and Caicos Islands (the)
        TCDthe Republic of Chad
        TGOthe Togolese Republic
        THAthe Kingdom of Thailand
        TJKthe Republic of Tajikistan
        TLSthe Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
        TONthe Kingdom of Tonga
        TTOthe Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
        TUNTunisian Republic
        TURthe Republic of Turkey
        TZAUnited Republic of Tanzania
        UGAthe Republic of Uganda
        URYOriental Republic of Uruguay
        UZBthe Republic of Uzbekistan
        VATState of the Vatican City
        VCTSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
        VENBolivarian Republic of Venezuela
        VGBVirgin Islands, British
        VIRUnited States Virgin Islands
        VNMSocialist Republic of Vietnam
        VUTRepublic of Vanuatu
        WLFWallis and Futuna
        WSMthe Independent State of Samoa
        XACTerritory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands
        XAZEntity 1
        XBIBassas da India
        XBKBaker Island
        XCREntity 2
        XCSCoral Sea Islands Territory
        XCYEntity 3
        XEUEuropa Island
        XGLGlorioso Islands
        XGZGaza Strip
        XHOHowland Island
        XJAJohnston Atoll
        XJMJan Mayen
        XJNJuan de Nova Island
        XJVJarvis Island
        XKMEntity 4
        XKNEntity 5
        XKRKingman Reef
        XKSRepublic of Kosovo
        XMWMidway Islands
        XNVNavassa Island
        XPLPalmyra Atoll
        XPRParacel Islands
        XQPEtorofu, Habomai, Kunashiri, and Shikotan Islands
        XSPSpratly Islands
        XTRTromelin Island
        XWBWest Bank
        XWKWake Island
        XXXNo Man's Land
        YEMRepublic of Yemen
        ZAFRepublic of South Africa
        ZMBthe Republic of Zambia
        ZWEthe Republic of Zimbabwe
        BWCSBiological Weapons Convention States
        CFCKROK/US Combined Forces Command, Korea
        CMFCCombined Maritime Forces Central
        CMFPCooperative Maritime Forces Pacific
        CPMTCivilian Protection Monitoring Team for Sudan
        CTOCCountering Transnational Organized Crime
        CWCSChemical Weapons Convention States
        EFOREuropean Union Stabilization Forces in Bosnia
        EUDAEuropean Union DARFUR
        GCTFGlobal Counter-Terrorism Forces
        GMIFGlobal Maritime Interception Forces
        ISAFInternational Security Assistance Force for Afghanistan
        KFORStabilization Forces in Kosovo
        MIFHMultinational Interim Force Haiti
        MLECMulti-Lateral Enduring Contingency
        NACTNorth African Counter-Terrorism Forces
        NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
        OSTYOpen Skies Treaty
        UNCKUnited Nations Command, Korea
    • Maximum length of list: 305
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