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Intelligence Community Technical Specification XML Data Encoding Specification for Information Security Marking Metadata (ISM.XML)


Distribution Notice: This document has been approved for Public Release and is available for use without restriction.


W3C XML Schema for the XML Data Encoding Specification Intelligence Community Metadata Standard for Information Security Marking (ISM.XML).


This XML Schema file is one component of the XML Data Encoding Specification (DES). Please see the document titled XML Data Encoding Specification for Information Security Marking Metadata for a complete description of the encoding as well as list of all components. It is envisioned that this schema or its components, as well as other parts of the DES may be overridden for localized implementations. Therefore, permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this XML Schema and the other parts of the DES for any purpose is hereby granted in perpetuity. Please reference the preceding two paragraphs in all copies or variations. The developers make no representation about the suitability of the schema or DES for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without expressed or implied warranty. If you modify this XML Schema in any way label your schema as a variant of ISM.XML. Please direct all questions, bug reports,or suggestions for changes to the points of contact identified in the document referenced above.

Implementation Notes

The IC ISM schema is not a standalone construct; it should be imported into a parent XML schema.Refer to the XML Data Encoding Specification for Information Security Marking Metadata Data Encoding Specification (ISM.XML DES) for an explanation of the relationships of the IC ISM attributes and the associated controlled vocabularies. The CAPCO Register and CAPCO Implementation Manual provide additional business rules (that may be classified) not provided in this schema or the associated documentation.The IC ISM attributes are intended to support all CAPCO security markings. However, the attribute values are NOT intended to be verbatim pieces of portionmarks and banners. Instead, the values should be interpreted by XSLT stylesheets or other formatting speci- fications to produce the required portionmarks and banners.The controlled vocabularies containing the required values for popu- lating the attributes are described in the ISM.XML DES.Attribute group "SecurityAttributesGroup" should be referenced in the attribute definition list of any element that REQUIRES security metadata.Attribute group "SecurityAttributesOptionGroup" may be referenced in the attribute definition list of any element for which security metadata may be appropriate but is not required (such as, an individual cell of a table). Elements declared in this specification are conveniences to developers of Schema. Their use is not required but was determined to be helpful for many Schemas that would otherwise have to declare these simple elements. Schema developers are free to implement their own versions of these elements. This file provides an XML-based schema for specification of metadata for classification and controls markings. The goal of the IC ISM XML Schema is to provide a common set of XML attributes for implementing security-based metadata throughout the IC. The IC ISM XML Schema provides markup for the tokens that are used to format the CAPCO markings. The IC ISM XML Schema may be incorporated into organizational XML-based schemas by (a) declaring the IC ISM namespace and (b) inserting an "import" statement: <xsd:schema xmlns=" namespace name..." targetNamespace=" namespace name..." xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:ism="urn:us:gov:ic:ism"> ... <xsd:import namespace="urn:us:gov:ic:ism schemaLocation="IC-ISM.xsd" />


Office of the Director of National Intelligence Intelligence Community Chief Information Officer

Schema document information

Namespace: urn:us:gov:ic:ism

File path: ISM/IC-ISM.xsd

Properties: Version: 11, Element Form Default: qualified, Attribute Form Default: qualified, Language: en

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