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The type xsd:token represents a character string that may contain any Unicode character allowed by XML. Certain characters, namely the "less than" symbol (<) and the ampersand (&), must be escaped (using the entities &lt; and &amp;, respectively) when used in strings in XML instances.

The name xsd:token may be slightly confusing because it implies that there may be only one token with no whitespace. In fact, there can be whitespace in a token value. The xsd:token type has a whiteSpace facet of collapse, which means that the processor replaces each carriage return, line feed, and tab by a single space. After this replacement, each group of consecutive spaces is collapsed into one space character, and all leading and trailing spaces are removed. This processing is equivalent to the processing of non-CDATA attribute values in XML 1.0.

Simple Type Information


Schema Document: datatypes.xsd



Valid valuesComment
This is a string!
Édition française.
an empty string is valid
PB&amp;Jwhen parsed, it will become "PB&J"
   Separated by 3 spaces.when parsed, it will become "Separated by 3 spaces."
is on two lines.
when parsed, the line break will be replaced with a space
Invalid valuesComment
AT&Tampersand must be escaped
3 < 4the "less than" symbol must be escaped

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