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A set of finite-length sequences of binary octets.

Complex type information

CCTS properties:

  • Unique I D: UNDT000002
  • Category Code: CCT
  • Dictionary Entry Name: Binary Object. Type
  • Version I D: 1.0
  • Definition: A set of finite-length sequences of binary octets.
  • Representation Term Name: Binary Object
  • Primitive Type: binary


  • xsd:base64Binary
  • Attributes

    format [0..1]xsd:stringThe format of the binary content.
    mimeCode [0..1]xsd:normalizedStringThe mime type of the binary object.
    encodingCode [0..1]xsd:normalizedStringSpecifies the decoding algorithm of the binary object.
    characterSetCode [0..1]xsd:normalizedStringThe character set of the binary object if the mime type is text.
    uri [0..1]xsd:anyURIThe Uniform Resource Identifier that identifies where the binary object is located.
    filename [0..1]xsd:stringThe filename of the binary object.

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