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The type xsd:base64Binary represents binary data as a sequence of binary octets. It uses base64 encoding, as described in RFC 2045.The following rules apply to xsd:base64Binary values:

  • The following characters are allowed: the letters A to Z (upper and lower case), digits 0 through 9, the plus sign ("+"), the slash ("/"), the equals sign ("=") and XML whitespace characters.

  • XML whitespace characters may appear anywhere in the value.

  • The number of non-whitespace characters must be divisible by 4.

  • Equals signs may only appear at the end of the value, and there may be zero, one or two of them. If there are two equals signs, they must be preceded by one of the following characters: AQgw. If there is only one equals sign, it must be preceded by one of the following characters: AEIMQUYcgkosw048. In either case, there may be whitespace in between the necessary characters and the equals sign(s).

Simple Type Information


Schema Document: datatypes.xsd



Valid valuesComment
0 FB8 0F+9whitespace is allowed anywhere in the value
0F+40A==equals signs are used for padding
an empty value is valid
Invalid valuesComment
FB8an odd number of characters is not valid; characters appear in groups of four
==0Fequals signs may only appear at the end

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