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Preset Shadow Type

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      shdw1Top Left Drop Shadow
      shdw2Top Right Drop Shadow
      shdw3Back Left Perspective Shadow
      shdw4Back Right Perspective Shadow
      shdw5Bottom Left Drop Shadow
      shdw6Bottom Right Drop Shadow
      shdw7Front Left Perspective Shadow
      shdw8Front Right Perspective Shadow
      shdw9Top Left Small Drop Shadow
      shdw10Top Left Large Drop Shadow
      shdw11Back Left Long Perspective Shadow
      shdw12Back Right Long Perspective Shadow
      shdw13Top Left Double Drop Shadow
      shdw14Bottom Right Small Drop Shadow
      shdw15Front Left Long Perspective Shadow
      shdw16Front Right LongPerspective Shadow
      shdw173D Outer Box Shadow
      shdw183D Inner Box Shadow
      shdw19Back Center Perspective Shadow
      shdw20Front Bottom Shadow
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