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Floating Table Positioning

Element information

Type: w:CT_TblPPr

Properties: Local, Qualified



w:leftFromText [0..1]w:ST_TwipsMeasureDistance From Left of Table to Text
w:rightFromText [0..1]w:ST_TwipsMeasure(Distance From Right of Table to Text
w:topFromText [0..1]w:ST_TwipsMeasureDistance From Top of Table to Text
w:bottomFromText [0..1]w:ST_TwipsMeasureDistance From Bottom of Table to Text
w:vertAnchor [0..1]w:ST_VAnchorTable Vertical Anchor
w:horzAnchor [0..1]w:ST_HAnchorTable Horizontal Anchor
w:tblpXSpec [0..1]w:ST_XAlignRelative Horizontal Alignment From Anchor
w:tblpX [0..1]w:ST_SignedTwipsMeasureAbsolute Horizontal Distance From Anchor
w:tblpYSpec [0..1]w:ST_YAlignRelative Vertical Alignment from Anchor
w:tblpY [0..1]w:ST_SignedTwipsMeasureAbsolute Vertical Distance From Anchor

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