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Gallery Value

Attribute information


  • Type based on xsd:string
    • Valid valueDescription
      placeholderStructured Document Tag Placeholder Text Gallery
      anyAll Galleries
      defaultNo Gallery Classification
      docPartsDocument Parts Gallery
      coverPgCover Page Gallery
      eqEquations Gallery
      ftrsFooters Gallery
      hdrsHeaders Gallery
      pgNumPage Numbers Gallery
      tblsTable Gallery
      watermarksWatermark Gallery
      autoTxtAutoText Gallery
      txtBoxText Box Gallery
      pgNumTPage Numbers At Top Gallery
      pgNumBPage Numbers At Bottom Gallery
      pgNumMarginsPage Numbers At Margins Gallery
      tblOfContentsTable of Contents Gallery
      bibBibliography Gallery
      custQuickPartsCustom Quick Parts Gallery
      custCoverPgCustom Cover Page Gallery
      custEqCustom Equation Gallery
      custFtrsCustom Footer Gallery
      custHdrsCustom Header Gallery
      custPgNumCustom Page Number Gallery
      custTblsCustom Table Gallery
      custWatermarksCustom Watermark Gallery
      custAutoTxtCustom AutoText Gallery
      custTxtBoxCustom Text Box Gallery
      custPgNumTCustom Page Number At Top Gallery
      custPgNumBCustom Page Number At Bottom Gallery
      custPgNumMarginsCustom Page Number At Margins Gallery
      custTblOfContentsCustom Table of Contents Gallery
      custBibCustom Bibliography Gallery
      custom1Custom 1 Gallery
      custom2Custom 2 Gallery
      custom3Custom 3 Gallery
      custom4Custom 4 Gallery
      custom5Custom 5 Gallery
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