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Underline Style

Attribute information


  • Type based on xsd:string
    • Valid valueDescription
      singleSingle Underline
      wordsUnderline Non-Space Characters Only
      doubleDouble Underline
      thickThick Underline
      dottedDotted Underline
      dottedHeavyThick Dotted Underline
      dashDashed Underline
      dashedHeavyThick Dashed Underline
      dashLongLong Dashed Underline
      dashLongHeavyThick Long Dashed Underline
      dotDashDash-Dot Underline
      dashDotHeavyThick Dash-Dot Underline
      dotDotDashDash-Dot-Dot Underline
      dashDotDotHeavyThick Dash-Dot-Dot Underline
      waveWave Underline
      wavyHeavyHeavy Wave Underline
      wavyDoubleDouble Wave Underline
      noneNo Underline
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