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A purpose for which a Rap Sheet may be used.

Element information

Type: j:RapSheetPurposeCodeType

Properties: Global, Qualified, Nillable


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      AAdministrative file maintenance
      CCriminal justice
      DDomestic violence and stalking, civil and criminal court cases
      FFirearms-related background checks
      HPublic housing background checks
      IInterstate approved non-criminal justice licensing and employment background checks
      JCriminal justice employment background checks
      RUsed only by the FBI in III record requests to NFF states when fingerprints are identified to a record maintained by an NFF participating state. State or local III queries that include Purpose Code R will be rejected as unauthorized.
      SNational security background checks
      VVisa applications initiated by US Department of State
      XCaregiver background checks, exigent circumstances
  • Attributes

    structures:id [0..1]xsd:IDfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:ref [0..1]xsd:IDREFfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:uri [0..1]xsd:anyURIfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:metadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:relationshipMetadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: urn:us:gov:ic:ism urn:us:gov:ic:ntk, Process Contents: laxfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup

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