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A factor contributing to subject's domestic violence history.

Element information


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      ABUSE VICTIM_WITNESSSubject was abused as a child or witnessed the physical abuse of his/her mother.
      ALCOHOL_DRUG TREATMENTSubject has had alcohol/drug treatment.
      ALCOHOL PROBLEMSubject drinks excessively/has alcohol problem.
      DEPRESSION_SUICIDALSubject seems seriously depressed or has threatened to commit suicide.
      DRUG USERSubject uses drugs (speed, cocaine, steroids, crack, etc.).
      HIGH STRESSSubject has experienced unusually high stress in the past 12 months (loss of job, relationship, or children; death; financial crisis; etc.)
      HOMICIDAL THOUGHTSSubject has had homicidal thoughts.
      INSTITUTIONAL VIOLENCESubject has been exposed to institutional violence.
      NON VIOLENT CRIMESubject has committed non violent crimes.
      PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENTSubject has had psychiatric treatment.
      VIOLENCE HISTORYSubject has a history of violence toward others.
  • Attributes

    structures:id [0..1]xsd:IDfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:ref [0..1]xsd:IDREFfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:uri [0..1]xsd:anyURIfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:metadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:relationshipMetadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: urn:us:gov:ic:ism urn:us:gov:ic:ntk, Process Contents: laxfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup

    Used in

    Substitution hierarchy

    Sample instance

    <j:DomesticViolenceSocialHistoryCode>ABUSE VICTIM_WITNESS</j:DomesticViolenceSocialHistoryCode>