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A code for the method of acquiring the identifier of an item.

Element information

Type: cbrncl:IDAcquisitionMethodCodeType

Properties: Global, Qualified, Nillable


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      BarcodeIdentifier is obtained by a barcode reader device.
      CBPRequestIdentifier was assigned at the request of CBP.
      LPRIdentifier is obtained by a LPR device.
      ManualEntryIdentifier is obtained by a person and manually entered.
      MissingIdentifier is missing - method of acquisition is not applicable
      OCRScanIdentifier is obtained by an OCR device.
      OtherMethod for obtaining the identifier is not enumerated in the list of methods.
      RFIIdentifier is obtained by a RFI reader device.
      unknownMethod for obtaining the identifier is unknown.
  • Attributes

    structures:id [0..1]xsd:IDfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:ref [0..1]xsd:IDREFfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:uri [0..1]xsd:anyURIfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:metadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:relationshipMetadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: urn:us:gov:ic:ism urn:us:gov:ic:ntk, Process Contents: laxfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup

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