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A kind of acquisition method for the source representation

Element information


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      0Unspecified or unknown
      1Static digital image from an unknown source
      10Video sequence frame from a digital video camera
      11Computer screen image capture
      12Analog audio recording device; stored in analog form (such as a phonograph record)
      13Analog audio recording device; converted to digital
      14Digital audio recording device
      15Landline telephone -- both sender and receiver
      16Mobile telephone -- both sender and receiver
      17Satellite telephone -- both sender and receiver
      18Telephone -- unknown or mixed sources
      19Television -- NSTC
      2Static digital image from a digital still-image camera
      20Television -- PAL
      21Television -- Other
      22Voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP)
      23Radio transmission: short-wave (specify single side band or continuous wave in FDN)
      24Radio transmission: amateur radio (specify lower side band or continuous wave in FDN)
      25Radio transmission: FM (87.5 MHz to 108 MHz)
      26Radio transmission: long-wave (150 kHz to 519 kHz)
      27Radio transmission: AM (570 kHz to 1720 kHz)
      28Radio transmission: Aircraft frequencies
      29Radio transmission: Ship and coastal station frequencies
      3Static digital image from a scanner
      30Vendor specific capture format
      4Single video frame from an unknown source
      5Single video frame from an analog video camera
      6Single video frame from a digital video camera
      7Video sequence from an unknown source
      8Video sequence from an analog video camera, stored in analog format
      9Video sequence from an analog video camera, stored in digital format
      MSMultiple Sources
  • Attributes

    structures:id [0..1]xsd:IDfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:ref [0..1]xsd:IDREFfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:uri [0..1]xsd:anyURIfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:metadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:relationshipMetadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: urn:us:gov:ic:ism urn:us:gov:ic:ntk, Process Contents: laxfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup

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