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gml:id [1..1]xsd:IDThe attribute gml:id supports provision of a handle for the XML element representing a GML Object. Its use is mandatory for all GML objects. It is of XML type ID, so is constrained to be unique in the XML document within which it occurs.from type gml:AbstractGMLType
aggregationType [0..1]gml:AggregationTypefrom group gml:AggregationAttributeGroup
universal [0..1]xsd:booleanIf the topological representation exists an unbounded manifold (e.g. Euclidean plane), a gml:Face must indicate whether it is a universal face or not, to ensure a lossless topology representation as defined by Kuijpers, et. al. (see OGC 05-102 Topology IPR). The optional universal attribute of type boolean is used to indicate this. NOTE The universal face is normally not part of any feature, and is used to represent the unbounded portion of the data set. Its interior boundary (it has no exterior boundary) would normally be considered the exterior boundary of the map represented by the data set. Default value is "false".

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