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A data type for a DutyTaxFeeCategory

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      AAAPetroleum tax
      AABProvisional countervailing duty cash
      AACProvisional countervailing duty bond
      AADTobacco tax
      AAEEnergy fee
      AAFCoffee tax
      AAGHarmonised sales tax, Canadian
      AAHQuebec sales tax
      AAICanadian provincial sales tax
      AAJTax on replacement part
      ADDAnti-dumping duty
      BOLStamp duty (Imposta di Bollo)
      CAPAgricultural levy
      CARCar tax
      COCPaper consortium tax (Italy)
      CSTCommodity specific tax
      CUDCustoms duty
      CVDCountervailing duty
      ENVEnvironmental tax
      EXCExcise duty
      EXPAgricultural export rebate
      FETFederal excise tax
      GCNGeneral construction tax
      GSTGoods and services tax
      ILLIlluminants tax
      IMPImport tax
      INDIndividual tax
      LACBusiness license fee
      LCNLocal construction tax
      LDPLight dues payable
      LOCLocal sales tax
      LSTLust tax
      MCAMonetary compensatory amount
      MCDMiscellaneous cash deposit
      OTHOther taxes
      PDBProvisional duty bond
      PDCProvisional duty cash
      PRFPreference duty
      SCNSpecial construction tax
      SSSShifted social securities
      STTState/provincial sales tax
      SUPSuspended duty
      SWTShifted wage tax
      TACAlcohol mark tax
      TOXTurnover tax
      TTATonnage taxes
      VADValuation deposit
      VATValue added tax
  • Type inheritance chain

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