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A data type for ISO 6346 shipping container codes.

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      20PF20x8x8 Flat (fixed ends)
      20TD20x8x8 Tank dangerous liquids (test pressure 4 bar)
      22GP20x8x86" General Purpose
      22PC20x8x86" Flat (collapsible)
      22PF20x8x86" Flat (fixed ends)
      22RT20x8x86" Refrigerated
      22TD20x8x86" Tank dangerous liquids
      22TN20x8x86" Tank non-dangerous liquids
      22UP20x8x86" Hardtop
      22UT20x8x86" Open Top
      22VH20x8x86" Ventilated
      42GP40x8x86" General Purpose
      42PC40x8x86" Flat (collapsible)
      42PF40x8x86" Flat (fixed ends)
      42RC40x8x86" Refrigerated (not to be used for foodstuffs)
      42UP40x8x86" Hardtop
      42UT40x8x86" Open Top
      45GP40x8x96" High Cube General Purpose
      45PC40x8x96" Flat (collapsible)
      45RC40x8x96" Refrigerated (not to be used for foodstuffs)
      45RT40x8x96" Refrigerated
      45UP40x8x96" High Cube Hardtop
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