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A data type for a kind of evidence provided in support of a benefit request.

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Residence Status (I407)Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Residence Status (I407)
      Actual/Exemplar Business PlanActual/Exemplar Business Plan
      Adoption DecreeAdoption Decree
      AffidavitA sworn statement in writing made especially under oath or on affirmation before an authorized magistrate or officer.
      Affidavit of Support (I1134)Affidavit of Support (I134)
      Alien Change of Address Card (AR11)Alien Change of Address Card (AR11)
      Any Other Adverse Action EvidenceAny Other Adverse Action Evidence
      Any Other Correspondence EvidenceAny Other Correspondence Evidence
      Any Other Education Data EvidenceAny Other Education Data Evidence
      Any Other Employment EvidenceAny Other Employment Evidence
      Any Other Family Relationship EvidenceAny Other Family Relationship Evidence
      Any Other Financial EvidenceAny Other Financial Evidence
      Any Other Identity EvidenceAny Other Identity Evidence
      Any Other Immigration Status EvidenceAny Other Immigration Status Evidence
      Applicant SignatureApplicant Signature
      Application for Alien Employment Certification (ETA750)Application for Alien Employment Certification (ETA750)
      Application for EAD (I765)Application for EAD (I765)
      Application for Permanent Employment Certification (ETA9089)Application for Permanent Employment Certification (ETA9089)
      Application for Stay of Removal (I246)Application for Stay of Removal (I246)
      Appraisal ReportAppraisal Report
      Approval NoticeApproval Notice
      Arrest RecordArrest Record
      Arrival/Departure RecordArrival/Departure Record (I94/I94W)
      Articles of IncorporationArticles of Incorporation
      Assets AcquiredAssets Acquired
      Attestation for H-1C Nurses for Disadvantaged Areas (ETA9081)Attestation for H-1C Nurses for Disadvantaged Areas (ETA9081)
      Authorization to Conduct BusinessAuthorization to Conduct Business
      Bank StatementsBank Statements
      Baptism CertificateBaptism Certificate
      Bar CardBar Card
      Bibliography/Citation ListBibliography/Citation List
      Biographic Information (G325B)Biographic Information (G325B)
      Birth CertificateAn official record of the date and place of a person's birth, usually including the names of the parents.
      BonifidesBonifides (photos, joint documents)
      Border Crossing CardBorder Crossing Card
      Business PlanBusiness Plan
      Business RegistrationBusiness Registration
      Business Tax RecordBusiness Tax Record
      Business Trust AgreementBusiness Trust Agreement
      Business ValuationBusiness Valuation
      Cancel Representative LetterCancel Representative Letter
      Card to create new resident alien card (I89)Card to create new resident alien card (I89)
      Certificate of Birth Abroad of US Citizen (FS545)Certificate of Birth Abroad of US Citizen (FS545)
      Certificate of Citizenship (N645)Certificate of Citizenship (N645)
      Certificate of Merger or ConsolidationCertificate of Merger or Consolidation
      Certificate of Naturalization (N550)Certificate of Naturalization (N550)
      Certification of Report of Birth of US Citizen (DS1350)Certification of Report of Birth of US Citizen (DS1350)
      Certified Financial ReportCertified Financial Report
      Church-Religious Institution LetterChurch-Religious Institution Letter
      COA LetterCOA Letter
      College Level Examination Preparation (CLEP)College Level Examination Preparation (CLEP)
      Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)
      Company Annual ReportCompany Annual Report
      Company AuthorizationCompany Authorization
      Company ContractsCompany Contracts
      Company Financial StatementCompany Financial Statement
      Company ID NumberCompany ID Number
      Company Information (brochures, audits, etc)Company Information (brochures, audits, etc)
      Company LetterCompany Letter
      Company Statement of Subjectivity to TransfersCompany Statement of Subjectivity to Transfers
      Company Tax FormsCompany Tax Forms
      Computer Generated Images (CGI)Computer Generated Images (CGI)
      Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS240)Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS240)
      Consular Return MemoConsular Return Memo
      Contract for Purchase of BusinessContract for Purchase of Business
      Conviction RecordConviction Record
      Country Conditions InfoCountry Conditions Info
      Court DispositionCourt Disposition
      Cover LetterCover Letter
      Credit Card StatementsCredit Card Statements
      Custody AgreementCustody Agreement
      Customer InquiryCustomer Inquiry
      Death CertificateDeath Certificate
      Debt FinancingDebt Financing
      Deferred InspectionDeferred Inspection
      Description of Investor DutiesDescription of Investor Duties
      Divorce DecreeDivorce Decree
      DNA Test ResultsDNA Test Results
      Drivers License/State IDDrivers License/State ID
      DS169 / OF169 Department of State BiographicDS169 / OF169 Department of State Biographic
      DS2019Form DS-2019 - Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status
      Economic Review DocumentEconomic Review Document
      Education Degree/Certificate/DiplomaEducation Degree/Certificate/Diploma
      Education EvaluationEducation Evaluation
      Education TranscriptsEducation Transcripts
      Employee I-9I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification documents the verification of the identity and employment authorization of each new employee hired after November 6, 1986 to work in the U.S.I104
      Employee Pay StubsEmployee Pay Stubs
      Employee QualificationEmployee Qualification
      Employee W-2W-2 Wage and Tax Statement detailing the remuneration paid (in excess of $600) to an employee for services performed.
      Employer Business RegistrationEmployer Business Registration
      Employer Financial RecordEmployer Financial Record
      Employer Tax RecordEmployer Tax Record
      Employment Authorization Document (I766)Employment Authorization Document (I766)
      Employment HistoryEmployment History (letter/resume)
      Employment LetterEmployment Letter
      Employment Offer/ContractEmployment Offer/Contract
      Enterprise Payroll DocumentsEnterprise Payroll Documents
      EOIR-33/BIAEOIR-33/BIA -Alien's Change of Address Form/Board+I125 of Immigration Appeals
      EOIR-33/ICEOIR-33/IC Alien's Change of Address Form/Immigration Court
      Escrow AgreementEscrow Agreement
      Establishment of Existing BusinessEstablishment of Existing Business
      Establishment of Troubled BusinessEstablishment of Troubled Business
      Evidence of Financial Award, Financial Aid, or GrantEvidence of Financial Award, Financial Aid, or Grant
      Family RegistryFamily Registry
      Federal Income Tax Returns and SchedulesFederal Income Tax Returns and Schedules
      Federal Income Tax Returns - Troubled BusinessFederal Income Tax Returns - Troubled Business
      Final Administrative Removal Order (I851A)Final Administrative Removal Order (I851A)
      Final Economic Analysis ReportFinal Economic Analysis Report
      Financial InformationFinancial Information
      Financial StatementFinancial Statement
      Financial Statement - Troubled BusinessFinancial Statement - Troubled Business
      Financial TransactionsA document representing the transactions of a business, individual or other organization.
      Foreign Bank StatementForeign Bank Statement
      Foreign Currency ValuationForeign Currency Valuation
      Foreign IDForeign ID
      Hypothetical Business PlanHypothetical Business Plan
      I20Form I-20 - Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status
      I612 Approval NoticeApproval Notice for I612 Application for Waiver of the Foreign Residence Requirement
      IAP66IAP66 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status (old version)
      Immigration Bond (I352)Immigration Bond (I352)
      Immigration Detainer - Notice of Action (I247)Immigration Detainer - Notice of Action (I247)
      Income VerificationIncome Verification
      Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) LetterIndividual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Letter
      Interview NotesInterview Notes
      Investment AgreementInvestment Agreement
      Investor Names and Percentage OwnedInvestor Names and Percentage Owned
      Investor Tax RecordInvestor Tax Record
      Job Allocation MethodologyJob Allocation Methodology
      Joint Venture AgreementJoint Venture Agreement
      Labor Condition Application for Nonimmigrant Workers (ETA9035)Labor Condition Application for Nonimmigrant Workers (ETA9035)
      Lease AgreementLease Agreement
      Legal/Business Review DocumentLegal/Business Review Document
      Legal DocumentsLegal Documents
      Legalization Change of Address (I697A)Legalization Change of Address (I697A)
      Legal Separation AgreementLegal Separation Agreement
      Letter from CounselLetter from Counsel
      Letter from School Documenting Academic StatusLetter from School Documenting Academic Status
      Letter in Response to RFELetter in Response to RFE
      Limited Partnership AgreementLimited Partnership Agreement
      Loan AgreementLoan Agreement
      Low Resolution copy of Biometric DataLow Resolution copy of Biometric Data
      Management or Policy RoleManagement or Policy Role
      Marriage AnnulmentMarriage Annulment
      Marriage CertificateA marriage certificate is an official recorded document issued by a governmental authority that proves that the couple listed on the marriage certificate have a legal marriage
      Medical information/Doctor LetterMedical information/Doctor Letter
      Medical LicenseMedical License
      Member of Society of Professional EngineersMember of Society of Professional Engineers
      Military ID CardMilitary ID Card
      Mortgage StatementMortgage Statement
      National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)
      National ID CardAn official document issued by a government certifying the holder's identity.
      National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI)National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI)
      Native American Tribal DocumentNative American Tribal Document
      New/Revised Business PlanNew/Revised Business Plan
      New/Revised Economic Analysis ReportNew/Revised Economic Analysis Report
      Newspaper/Magazine articleNewspaper/Magazine article
      Notice and Order of Expedited Removal (I860)Notice and Order of Expedited Removal (I860)
      Notice (I797 A/B/C)I797 A/B/C Notice of Action (No suffix-approval of application or petition, A-replacement Form I-94, B-approval of Alien Worker petition, C-receipt of payments, rejection of applications, transfer of files, fingerprint biometric, interview and re-scheduled appointments, and re-open cases)
      Notice Immigration Bond Canceled (I391)Notice Immigration Bond Canceled (I391)
      Notice of Action/Voluntary Departure (I210)Notice of Action/Voluntary Departure (I210)
      Notice of Country to Which Deportation / Re-Entry Without Permission (I294)Notice of Country to Which Deportation / Re-Entry Without Permission (I294)
      Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative (G28)Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative (G28)
      Notice of Intent to Issue - Final Administration Removal Order (I851)Notice of Intent to Issue - Final Administration Removal Order (I851)
      Notice of Job PostingNotice of Job Posting
      Notice of Referral to Immigration Judge (I863)Notice of Referral to Immigration Judge (I863)
      Notice to Alien Ordered Removed (I296)Notice to Alien Ordered Removed (I296)
      Notice to Appear (I862)Notice to Appear (I862)
      Notice to Detain/Deport/Remove/Present Aliens (I259)Notice to Detain/Deport/Remove/Present Aliens (I259)
      Offering MemorandumOffering Memorandum
      Order of Release of Recognizance (I220A)Order of Release of Recognizance (I220A)
      Order of Supervision (I220B)Order of Supervision (I220B)
      Order to Show Cause (I221)Order to Show Cause (I221)
      Other Additional Investors EvidenceOther Additional Investors Evidence
      Other Capital Investment at Risk EvidenceOther Capital Investment at Risk Evidence
      Other Capital Investment EvidenceOther Capital Investment Evidence
      Other Correspondence EvidenceOther Correspondence Evidence
      Other Employment DataOther Employment Data
      Other Funds from Employment Income EvidenceOther Funds from Employment Income Evidence
      Other Funds from Gift EvidenceOther Funds from Gift Evidence
      Other Funds from Inheritance EvidenceOther Funds from Inheritance Evidence
      Other Funds from Sale of Business EvidenceOther Funds from Sale of Business Evidence
      Other Funds from Sale of Property EvidenceOther Funds from Sale of Property Evidence
      Other Funds from Stock Transaction EvidenceOther Funds from Stock Transaction Evidence
      Other Funds Loaned from Finance Institution EvidenceOther Funds Loaned from Finance Institution Evidence
      Other Funds Loaned from Investor Business EvidenceOther Funds Loaned from Investor Business Evidence
      Other Funds Loaned from Third Party EvidenceOther Funds Loaned from Third Party Evidence
      Other Identity EvidenceOther Identity Evidence
      Other Immigration Status EvidenceOther Immigration Status Evidence
      Other Investment in Existing Business EvidenceOther Investment in Existing Business Evidence
      Other Investor Role EvidenceOther Investor Role Evidence
      Other Job Creation EvidenceOther Job Creation Evidence
      Other NCE EvidenceOther NCE Evidence
      Other Purchase of Existing Business EvidenceOther Purchase of Existing Business Evidence
      Other RC EvidenceOther RC Evidence
      Other Review DocumentOther Review Document
      Other TEA EvidenceOther TEA Evidence
      Other Troubled Business EvidenceOther Troubled Business Evidence
      Ownership of BusinessOwnership of Business
      Ownership TitleOwnership Title
      Parole DocumentParole Document
      Partnership AgreementPartnership Agreement
      Passport Card USPassport Card US
      Passport ForeignAn official document issued by a foreign government, certifying the holder's identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from other countries.
      Passport StampPassport Stamp
      Passport USAn official document issued by the United States of America, certifying the holder's identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.
      Payment of State Payroll TaxesPayment of State Payroll Taxes
      Payroll RecordPayroll Record
      Pay StubPay Stub
      Permanent Resident Card (I551)Permanent Resident Card (I551)
      Pilot LicensePilot License
      Police ClearancePolice Clearance
      Prevailing Wage DeterminationPrevailing Wage Determination
      Proof of Employer's USC StatusProof of Employer's USC Status
      Proof of Foreign ResidenceProof of Foreign Residence
      Proof of High UnemploymentProof of High Unemployment
      Proof of Net Worth or Employee IncreaseProof of Net Worth or Employee Increase
      Proof of Restructure/ReorganizationProof of Restructure/Reorganization
      Proof of Rural AreaProof of Rural Area
      Proof of Travel ArrangementsProof of Travel Arrangements
      Property AcquisitionProperty Acquisition
      Property DeedsProperty Deeds
      Property TransferredProperty Transferred
      Published ArticlesPublished Articles
      Purchase AgreementPurchase Agreement
      Real Estate Property Purchase ContractReal Estate Property Purchase Contract
      Reason for Attending School in U.S.Reason for Attending School in U.S.
      Reason for Delay in FilingReason for Delay in Filing
      Reason for Out of Student StatusReason for Out of Student Status
      Reason for School TransferReason for School Transfer
      Reason for Student ReinstatementReason for Student Reinstatement
      Reason for VisitReason for Visit
      Receipt for ICE Form I-901 PaymentReceipt for ICE Form I-901 Payment
      Receipt of FundsReceipt of Funds
      Record of Acquired Business Jobs ExistingRecord of Acquired Business Jobs Existing
      Record of Deportable and Inadmissible Alien (I213)Record of Deportable and Inadmissible Alien (I213)
      Record of Full-Time Employees Prior to InvestmentRecord of Full-Time Employees Prior to Investment
      Record of Full-Time Jobs CreatedRecord of Full-Time Jobs Created
      Refugee Application AssessmentRefugee Application Assessment
      Refugee Processing Center DocumentsRefugee Processing Center Documents
      Rental AgreementRental Agreement
      Rent ReceiptsRent Receipts
      Request for Certification of Military or Naval Service (N426)Request for Certification of Military or Naval Service (N426)
      Research PapersResearch Papers
      Sales ContractSales Contract
      Savings BooksSavings Books
      Screenprints - ExternalScreenprints - External
      Service Request Management Tool Screenshots (SRMT)Service Request Management Tool Screenshots (SRMT)
      Settlement StatementSettlement Statement
      Shares and SecuritiesShares and Securities
      Social Security CardSocial Security Card
      Source of FundsSource of Funds
      State Agency LetterState Agency Letter
      Statement of Unavailable Adverse Action EvidenceStatement of Unavailable Adverse Action Evidence
      Statement of Unavailable Education Data EvidenceStatement of Unavailable Education Data Evidence
      Statement of Unavailable Employment EvidenceStatement of Unavailable Employment Evidence
      Statement of Unavailable EvidenceStatement of Unavailable Evidence
      Statement of Unavailable Family Relationship EvidenceStatement of Unavailable Family Relationship Evidence
      Statement of Unavailable Financial EvidenceStatement of Unavailable Financial Evidence
      Statement of Unavailable Identity EvidenceStatement of Unavailable Identity Evidence
      Statement of Unavailable Non-Immigrant Status EvidenceStatement of Unavailable Non-Immigrant Status Evidence
      Stock PurchaseStock Purchase
      Stock Purchase AgreementStock Purchase Agreement
      Subscription AgreementSubscription Agreement
      Sworn Statement (not a form)Sworn Statement (not a form)
      Tax ObligationTax Obligation
      Tax ReturnsTax Returns
      Telephone BillsTelephone Bills
      Ten Print Card (blue) (FD258)Ten Print Card (blue) (FD258)
      Ten Print Card Criminal (red) (FD259)Ten Print Card Criminal (red) (FD259)
      Training CertificateTraining Certificate
      Traveler's ChecksTraveler's Checks
      Travel Letter/Boarding LetterTravel Letter/Boarding Letter
      U.S. Bank StatementU.S. Bank Statement
      U.S. Bank Statement - InvestmentU.S. Bank Statement - Investment
      U.S. Bank Statement - Investment in EscrowU.S. Bank Statement - Investment in Escrow
      USCIS Approved Proposal and Executive SummaryUSCIS Approved Proposal and Executive Summary
      USCIS Letter Approving Amendments to RC (I924)USCIS Letter Approving Amendments to RC (I924)
      USCIS Letter Designating the RC (I924)USCIS Letter Designating the RC (I924)
      USCIS response to customer inquiry (G343) (found in Legacy A-Files)USCIS response to customer inquiry (G343) (found in Legacy A-Files)
      US Merchant Marine ID CardUS Merchant Marine ID Card
      Utility BillsAn invoice for electricity, water, or gas
      Visa - ImmigrantVisa - Immigrant
      Visa - Non-ImmigrantVisa - Non-Immigrant
      W-2W-2 Wage and Tax Statement detailing the remuneration paid (in excess of $600) by an employer to an employee for services performed.
      Wage StatementWage Statement
      Warrant of Removal (I205)Warrant of Removal (I205)
      Withdrawal Request LetterWithdrawal Request Letter
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