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A kind of identifier assigned to a person.

Element information

Type: ncic:MNUCodeType

Properties: Global, Qualified, Nillable


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      AFAir Force Serial Number (8)
      ANNonimmigration Admission Number
      ARAlien Registration Number
      ASAir National Guard Serial Number (8)
      ASArmy Serial Number (8)
      ASNational Guard Serial Number (8)
      CGU.S. Coast Guard Serial Number
      CICanadian Social Insurance Number
      FNFingerprint Identification Number
      MCMarine Corps Serial Number
      MDMariners Document or Identification Number
      MPRoyal Canadian Mounted Police Identification or Fingerprint Section (FPS) Number
      NANational Agency Case Number-Military
      NSNavy Serial Number
      OAOriginating Agency Police or State Identification Number (NCIC only)
      PIPersonal Identification Number (applies only to state or foreign government-issued numbers)
      PPPassport Number
      PSPort Security Card Number
      SSSelective Service Number
      VAVeterans Administration Claim Number
  • Attributes

    structures:id [0..1]xsd:IDfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:ref [0..1]xsd:IDREFfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:metadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    structures:relationshipMetadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup
    Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: urn:us:gov:ic:ism urn:us:gov:ic:ntk, Process Contents: laxfrom group structures:SimpleObjectAttributeGroup

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