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A data type for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) offense codes.

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      100Assault 1-5
      100.1Assault 1
      100.2Assault 2
      100.3Assault 3
      100.4Assault 4
      100.41Assault 4 - Motivated by Bias
      100.5Assault 5
      101Domestic Assault
      102Malicious Punishment
      103Terroristic Threats
      103.01Crime of Violence
      103.03Replica Firearm/BB Gun
      110Criminal Sexual Conduct
      110.1CSC 1
      110.2CSC 2
      110.3CSC 3
      110.4CSC 4
      110.5CSC 5
      111Solicit Children to Engage in Sexual Conduct
      119Sex Offense
      120.1Murder 1
      120.2Murder 2
      120.3Murder 3
      121.1Manslaughter 1
      121.2Manslaughter 2
      131False Imprisonment
      132Deprive Custodial Rights
      140Simple Robbery
      141Aggravated Robbery
      141.1Agg. Robbery 1
      141.2Agg. Robbery 2
      150CV Homicide
      151CV Injury - Great Bodily Harm
      152CV Injury - Substantial Bodily Harm
      153CV Injury - Bodily Harm
      159CVH & Injury
      160Murder - Unborn
      160.1Murder 1 - Unborn
      160.2Murder 2 - Unborn
      160.3Murder 3 - Unborn
      161Manslaughter - Unborn
      161.1Manslaughter 1 - unborn
      161.2Manslaughter 2 - unborn
      162Assault - Unborn
      162.1Assault 1 - Unborn
      162.2Assault 2 - Unborn
      162.3Assault 3 - Unborn
      163Crim. Veh. Homicide/Inj. - Unborn
      163.01CV Homicide - Death/Unborn
      163.02CV Injury - Great Bodily Harm/Unborn
      169Crime Against Unborn
      170Restraining Orders
      170.01Order for Protection
      170.02Harassment Restr. Order
      170.03Juv. Court Restr. Order
      170.04Domestic Abuse No Contact Order
      171.01Harassment/Stalking - motivated by bias
      172Obscene/Harassing Phone Call
      173Harassment - Letter/Tel. Pkg.
      190Drive-by Shooting
      199Person Offense
      200Arson 1-3
      200.1Arson 1
      200.2Arson 2
      200.3Arson 3
      200.4Arson 4
      201Wildfire Arson
      202Negligent Fires
      209Arson Fires
      210Burglary 1-4
      210.1Burglary 1
      210.2Burglary 2
      210.3Burglary 3
      210.4Burglary 4
      220Check Forgery
      221Cellular Phone Counterfeiting
      221.1Cellular Counterfeiting 1
      221.2Cellular Counterfeiting 2
      221.3Cellular Counterfeiting 3
      230Criminal Damage to Property
      230.1Criminal Damage to Property 1
      230.2Criminal Damage to Property 2 - Bias
      230.3Criminal Damage to Property 3
      230.31Criminal Damage to Property 3 - Bias
      230.4Criminal Damage to Property 4
      232Computer Related Property Crime
      233Game/Fishing/Hunting Property Crime
      234Damage to Property of Critical Public Service Facilities, Pipeline, Utility
      235Trespass on Critical Public Service Facilities, Pipeline, Utility
      239Other Damage/Trespass Property Crime
      240Receiving Stolen Property
      241Bringing Stolen Goods into State
      242Precious Metal Dealers - Stolen Property
      243Pawnbrokers/Junk Dealers - Stolen Property
      249Stolen Property
      250Wrongfully Obtain Public Assistance
      251Worker's Compensation Fraud
      252General Assistance Fraud
      253Unemployment Fraud
      254Fraud - Federal Food Stamps
      255Medical Assisstance Fraud
      259Govt. Assistance Fraud/Theft
      260Theft Statute
      260.001Theft of Movable Property
      260.002Theft of Movable Property - Legal Interest
      260.003Theft by False Representation
      260.004Theft by Swindle
      260.005Theft - Temporary
      260.006Theft - Finds Lost Property
      260.007Theft - Coin Operated Machine
      260.008Theft of Trade Secret
      260.009Theft of Leased/Rented Property
      260.01Theft - Alters/Removes I.D. No.
      260.011Theft - Alters/Removes Serial No.
      260.012Theft - Cable TV Services
      260.013Theft - Not Pay for Services
      260.014Theft - Telecommunications
      260.015Theft - Diversion of Corp. Property
      260.016Theft - Diversion of Corp. Property
      260.017Theft - MV Use without consent
      261Financial Transaction Card Fraud
      262Identity Theft
      263Dishonored Checks
      264Counterfeited Intellectual Property
      265Possesion/Sale Stolen or Counterfeit Checks
      290Fraudulent Trade/Commerce
      292State Lottery Fraud
      293Financial Exploit. - Vulnerable Adult
      294Poss Shoplifting Gear/Burg. Tools/Code Grabbing Device
      299Property Offense
      300Cont. Substance Crime
      300.1Cont. Substance - First Degree
      300.11Cont. Sub. Sale - First Degree
      300.12Cont. Sub. Possession - First Degree
      300.2Cont. Substance - Second Degree
      300.21Cont. Sub. Sale - Second Degree
      300.22Cont. Sub. Possession - Second Degree
      300.3Cont. Substance - Third Degree
      300.31Cont. Sub. Sale - Third Degree
      300.32Cont. Sub. Possession - Third Degree
      300.4Cont. Substance - Fourth Degree
      300.41Cont. Sub. Sale - Fourth Degree
      300.42Cont. Sub. Possession - Fourth Degree
      300.5Cont. Substance - Fifth Degree
      300.51Cont. Sub. Sale - Fifth Degree
      300.52Cont. Sub. Possession - Fifth Degree
      300.53Cont. Sub. Fraud - Fifth Degree
      300.54Cont. Sub. Unknown - Fifth Degree
      390Import Controlled Substance
      391Sale Simulated Cont. Substance
      392Anhydrous Ammonia
      399Drug Offense
      400Driving While Impaired (DWI)
      400.01DWI - Alcohol
      400.02DWI - Controlled Substance
      400.03DWI - Combined Alcohol/Cont. Sub./Hazardous Sub.
      400.04DWI - .10 or more
      400.05DWI - .10 or more within 2 hrs.
      400.06DWI - .20 or more wihtin 2 hrs.
      400.07DWI - Hazardous Substance
      400.08DWI - Schedule I & II Cont. Sub. Other than Marijuana
      401Commercial Vehicle DWI
      401.02DWI - .04 within 2 hrs
      401.04DWI - School bus/Head Start - Any Amount
      401.05DWI - School Bus/Head Start - GM - Child Under 16
      401.06DWI - School Bus/Head Start - GM - within 10 yrs of prior
      401.07DWI - School Bus/Head Start - Misd.
      402Aircraft DWI
      402.01DWI - Aircraft - Alcohol
      402.02DWI - Aircraft - Cont. Sub.
      402.03DWI - Aircraft - Combined Alcohol/Cont. Sub./Hazardous Substance
      402.04DWI - Aircraft - .04 or more
      402.05DWI - Aircraft - .04 within 2 hrs.
      402.06DWI - Aircraft - Hazardous Substance
      402.07DWI - Aircraft - Schedule I or II
      402.08DWI - Aircraft - Within 8 hrs. of consuming Alcohol/Cont. Sub.
      403Driving While Impaired (Degree)
      403.01DWI - First Degree
      403.02DWI - Second Degree
      403.03DWI - Third Degree
      403.04DWI - Fourth Degree
      404Permit Other DWI/Mentally Impaired to Operate
      404.01DWI - Snowmobile & ATV
      404.02DWI - Motor Boat
      404.03DWI - Off Road/Motorized Bicycle
      404.04DWI - Aircraft
      405DWI Mandatory Penalties/Consecutive Sentences
      405.01DWI Mandatory Penalties - Second Offense
      405.02DWI Mandatory Penalties- Third Offense
      405.03DWI Mandatory Penalties- Fourth Offense
      405.04DWI Mandatory Penalties- Fifth Offense
      405.05DWI - Mandatory Consecutive Sentences
      405.06DWI - Permissive Consecutive Sentences; multiple offense
      405.07DWI Mandatory Penalties-Felony
      406Refusal to Test - MV and Aircraft
      406.01Refusal to Test - Motor Vehicle
      406.02Refusal to Test - Aircraft
      410Obstruction of Traffic
      411Driving Rule
      412Stopping and Parking Provision
      413School Bus Safety
      414Vehicle Equipment/Safety/Inspection
      415MV Insurance Violation
      416Motorcycle Provision
      420MV Registration
      421MV Licensing
      422MV Title
      429MV Reg./Title/Licensing/Sale
      490 Airplane/Aeronautics
      491Off-Road Vehicle
      492Water Craft
      500Juvenile Status Offense/CHIPS
      501Juvenile Truancy
      501.1Juvenile Truancy - Habitual
      510Juvenile Runaway
      520Juvenile Curfew Offense
      530Juvenile Tobacco Offense
      540Juvenile Alcohol Offense
      541Underage Drinking and Driving
      550Juvenile Controlled Substance Offender
      560Juvenile Traffic Offender
      580Juvenile Petty Offender
      599Juvenile Unknown
      601Explosive/Incendiary Device
      610Not to Possess Firearm
      611Not to Possess Firearm-Juvenile
      612Not to Possess Firearm-Convicted Crime of Violence
      625Ineligible to receive, ship, or transport pistol or semiautomatic military-style assault weapon
      630Illegal Firearm/Ammunition
      640Firearm Transfer
      645Weapon without Permit
      650Tear Gas/Electronic Incapacitation Device
      660Firearm Transfer/Silencers Prohibited-Felony
      661Furnishing Dangerous Weapon to Minors-Felony
      662Furnishing Dangerous Weapon-Felony
      663Possession Dangerous Weapon on School Property
      664Possession Dangerous Weapon in Court House or State Building-Felony
      665Dangerous Weapons-Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanors
      666Firearm Removal or Alteration of Serial Number
      667Weapon of Mass Destruction
      668Prohibited Substances
      699Weapon Offense
      900Child Neglect/Child Endangerment
      901Non-Support of Spouse or Child
      902Contribute Delinquency Minor
      903Contribute to Need for Child Protection
      909Crime Against Family
      910Health Care Regulation
      911Environmental Regulation
      912Occupational Health and Safety
      913Health and Safety
      915Violation of Reporting Requirement
      918Railroads/Transit Facilities/Providers
      919Public Health/Safety/Environment
      920Misconduct Affecting Public Official
      920.01Misconduct by Public Official
      922Violation of Regulation/Licensing Rule
      923Election & Campaign Regulation
      924Public Information Data Practices
      929Crime Against Government
      930Disorderly House
      931.1Riot 1
      931.2Riot 2
      931.3Riot 3
      932Disorderly Conduct
      933Interference with Privacy
      934Interference with Communication
      937Disturbing Peace
      938Disturbing Privacy
      939Disturbing Peace/Privacy
      940Pari Mutual Gambling
      941State Lottery
      951Indecent Exposure
      952Obscene Materials
      953Minors in Sexual Materials
      953.01Minors in Sexual Materials - Use
      953.02Minors in Sexual Materials - Possess/Disseminate
      954Harmful Materials to Minors
      959Sex Related
      960Explosive/Incendiary Device
      961Not to Possess Firearm
      961.01Not to Possess Firearm - Juvenile
      961.02Not to Possess Firearm - Convicted Crime of Violence
      962Illegal Firearm/Ammunition
      963Firearm Transfer
      964Weapon without Permit
      965Tear Gas/Electronic Incapacitation Device
      966Firearm Discharge
      970Judicial Process
      970.04Failure to Appear
      973Misconduct by Justice Official
      974Obstruction of Justice
      974.01Aiding an Offender
      974.02Obstruction of Legal Process
      977Failure of Predatory Offenders to Register
      979Adminstration of Justice
      990Animal Welfare
      991Fish and Game (Other)
      991.01Alcohol Related Fish and Game
      992Employer Misconduct
      997Crimes in Furtherance of Terrorism
      998Crime for Benefit of Gang
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