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Components to describe procedures used in observations and measurements, and other events.
Copyright (c) 2006 Open Geospatial Consortium - see
OGC 05-087r4 page 44 © OGC 2006 – All rights reserved

		DHS Changes 
     		2006-09-28 Changed namespaces and schema location
				ns old
				ns new	
				from		../../../../../gml/3.1.1/dhs-gmo/1.0.0/gml.xsd
				to			../../../../../ogc-gml/3.1.1/dhs-gmo/1.0.0/gml.xsd

				ns old
				ns new		

		    2006-09-22 Changed namespaces following NIEM conventions
			 1) targetNamespace
			 2) om namespace
			 3) swe namespace
			 4) gml namespace
			 5) xlink namespace

			2006-09-18 versioned namespace to match OGC 05-087r4 source, which specifies Version: 0.14.5
			  versioned swe, xlink, gml namespaces, changed schemaLocations

Schema document information


File path: external/ogc-observation/draft-0.14.5/om/dhs-gmo/1.0.0/procedure.xsd

Properties: Version: pre-release, Element Form Default: qualified, Attribute Form Default: unqualified

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