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This file was generated from ISO TC/211 UML class diagrams == 01-26-2005 12:14:37 ====== This package contains the normative (Geometry and Topology) parts of the model for ISO 19107. This document should be referred to as the official description of the Model. If there are any differences, then ISO 19107 takes precedence.  -  - This packages also contains example (informative) of applications of 19107.
		ISO DTS 19139 Metadata XML Schema "gss Geographic Spatial Schema extensible language"
		 see ../readme.txt    see ../version.txt
		DHS Changes 
     		2006-09-28 Changed namespace
				ns old
				ns new		

		    2006-09-22 Changed namespaces following NIEM conventions
			1) targetNamespace
			2) gss namespace
			3) xlink namespace
			2006-09-19 Changes DHS namespaces and schema locations, were

Schema document information


File path: external/iso-19139-gmd/draft-0.1/gss/dhs-gmo/1.0.0/gss.xsd

Properties: Version: 0.1, Element Form Default: qualified

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