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A data type for a code that identifies a kind of organization.

Simple type information


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  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      BusinessBusiness (for profit)
      CommunitySocialCommunity or Social (includes Users' Group, Internet clubs, common interest clubs, e.g. chess club, game club, boat club, book club, sports clubs, professional clubs, and groups based on common social interest)
      CriminalJusticeCriminal Justice
      CriminalJusticeEnforcementUnitA unit of an agency responsible for enforcing the law and maintaining peace
      CriminalJusticeSupervisoryOrganizationAn agency which exercises control over a subject prior to or as a result of adjudication
      CriminalJusticeTaskForceA special criminal justice organization institutionalizing teamwork among multiple local, state, tribal, and/or federal agencies formed expressly for the purpose of addressing a particular problem or set of problems through synchronization of investment and strategy
      GangJuvenileJuvenile Gang
      GangMotorcycleMotorcycle Gang
      GangPrisonPrison Gang
      OrganizedCrimeOrganized Crime
      PoliticalGroupPolitical Group
      ProfessionalAssociationProfessional Association
      ServiceClubService Club (voluntary organization where members meet regularly for social outings and to perform charitable works either by direct hands-on efforts or by raising money for other organizations.)
      SocietySociety (for primary use in depicting cases where society is victim)
      SportsRecreationSports or Recreation
      ThreatGroupThreat Group

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