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A data type for employments or occupations.

Simple type information


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  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      277Street and door-to-door sales workers
      499Hunters and trappers
      888Hand packers and packagers
      808Bus drivers
      059Engineers, not elsewhere classified
      433Supervisors, food preparation and service occupations
      318Transportation ticket and reservation agents
      474Horticultural specialty farmers
      174Social workers
      368Weighers, measurers, checkers, and samplers
      743Textile cutting machine operators
      079Forestry and conservation scientists
      197Public relations specialists
      735Photoengravers and lithographers
      709Grinding, abrading, buffing, and polishing machine operators
      353Communications equipment operators, not elsewhere classified
      566Carpet installers
      459Attendants, amusement and recreation facilities
      684Miscellaneous precision workers, not elsewhere classified
      599Construction trades, not elsewhere classified
      769Slicing and cutting machine operators
      553Supervisors, brickmasons, stonemasons, and tile setters
      734Printing press operators
      708Drilling and boring machine operators
      683Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers
      423Sheriffs, bailiffs, and other law enforcement officers
      806Driver-sales workers
      194Artists, performers, and related workers, not elsewhere classified
      103Physical therapists
      055Electrical and electronic
      804Truck drivers
      669Shoe repairers
      809Taxicab drivers and chauffeurs
      385Data-entry keyers
      844Operating engineers
      789Hand painting, coating, and decorating occupations
      714Numerical control machine operators
      889Laborers, except construction
      037Management related occupations, not elsewhere classified
      473Farmers, except horticultural
      424Correctional institution officers
      074Atmospheric and space scientists
      855Grader, dozer, and scraper operators
      195Editors and reporters
      458Hairdressers and cosmetologists
      593Insulation workers
      077Agricultural and food scientists
      598Drillers, earth
      104Speech therapists
      597Structural metal workers
      386Statistical clerks
      026Management analysts
      204Dental hygienists
      187Actors and directors
      489Inspectors, agricultural products
      768Crushing and grinding machine operators
      786Hand cutting and trimming occupations
      427Protective service occupations, not elsewhere classified
      469Personal service occupations, not elsewhere classified
      275Sales counter clerks
      645Patternmakers and model makers, metal
      787Hand molding, casting, and forming occupations
      853Excavating and loading machine operators
      426Guards and police, except public service
      738Winding and twisting machine operators
      387Teachers aides
      145Law teachers
      887Vehicle washers and equipment cleaners
      856Industrial truck and tractor equipment operators
      259Sales representatives, mining, manufacturing, and wholesale
      233Tool programmers, numerical control
      366Meter readers
      186Musicians and composers
      594Paving, surfacing, and tamping equipment operators
      488Graders and sorters, agricultural products
      739Knitting, looping, taping, and weaving machine operators
      309Peripheral equipment operators
      569Carpenter apprentices
      494Supervisors, forestry and logging workers
      646Lay-out workers
      529Telephone installers and repairers
      686Butchers and meat cutters
      425Crossing guards
      885Garage and service station related occupations
      105Therapists, not elsewhere classified
      766Furnace, kiln, and oven operators, except food
      144Foreign language teachers
      736Typesetters and compositors
      713Forging machine operators
      527Telephone line installers and repairers
      753Cementing and gluing machine operators
      724Heat treating equipment operators
      169Social scientists, not elsewhere classified
      556Supervisors, painters, paperhangers, and plasterers
      014Administrators, education and related fields
      347Office machine operators, not elsewhere classified
      009Purchasing managers
      274Sales workers, other commodities
      774Photographic process machine operators
      456Supervisors, personal service occupations
      547Specified mechanics and repairers, not elsewhere classified
      824Locomotive operating occupations
      403Launderers and ironers
      867Helpers, surveyor
      723Metal plating machine operators
      487Animal caretakers, except farm
      099Occupational therapists
      784Solderers and brazers
      526Household appliance and power tool repairers
      674Miscellaneous precision apparel and fabric workers
      184Technical writers
      405Housekeepers and butlers
      023Accountants and auditors
      505Automobile mechanics
      317Hotel clerks
      848Hoist and winch operators
      203Clinical laboratory technologists and technicians
      486Groundskeepers and gardeners, except farm
      639Machinist apprentices
      519Machinery maintenance occupations
      177Religious workers, not elsewhere classified
      644Precision grinders, filers, and tool sharpeners
      356Mail clerks, except postal service
      143English teachers
      216Engineering technicians, not elsewhere classified
      178Lawyers and Judges
      406Child care workers, private household
      468Child care workers, not elsewhere classified
      704Lathe and turning machine operators
      823Railroad conductors and yardmasters
      229Computer programmers
      849Crane and tower operators
      114Biological science teachers
      588Concrete and terrazzo finishers
      737Miscellaneous printing machine operators
      523Electronic repairers, communications and industrial equipment
      017Managers, food serving and lodging establishments
      128Mathematical science teachers
      217Drafting occupations
      029Buyers, wholesale and retail trade except farm products
      285Sales support occupations, not elsewhere classified
      089Health diagnosing practitioners, not elsewhere classified
      115Chemistry teachers
      348Telephone operators
      549Not specified mechanics and repairers
      389Administrative support occupations, not elsewhere classified
      719Molding and casting machine operators
      234Legal assistants
      404Cooks, private household
      866Helpers, construction trades
      127Engineering teachers
      525Data processing equipment repairers
      813Parking lot attendants
      018Managers, properties and real estate
      407Private household cleaners and servants
      445Dental assistants
      676Patternmakers, lay-out workers, and cutters
      703Lathe and turning machine set-up operators
      227Air traffic controllers
      585Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters
      113Earth, environmental, and marine science teachers
      506Automobile mechanic apprentices
      484Nursery workers
      064Computer systems analysts and scientists
      146Social work teachers
      463Public transportation attendants
      278News vendors
      235Technicians, not elsewhere classified
      129Computer science teachers
      755Extruding and forming machine operators
      557Supervisors, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters
      615Explosives workers
      173Urban planners
      303Supervisors, general office
      773Motion picture projectionists
      035Construction inspectors
      138Physical education teachers
      779Machine operators, not specified
      814Motor transportation occupations, not elsewhere classified
      006Administrators, protective services
      715Miscellaneous metal, plastic, stone, and glass working machine operators
      587Plumber, pipefitter, and steamfitter apprentices
      503Supervisors, mechanics and repairers
      613Supervisors, extractive occupations
      905Assigned to persons whose current labor force status is unemployed and whose last job was Armed Forces.
      336Records clerks
      554Supervisors, carpenters and related workers
      354Postal clerks, except mail carriers
      175Recreation workers
      868Helpers, extractive occupations
      004Chief executives and general administrators, public administration
      283Demonstrators, promoters and models, sales
      717Fabricating machine operators, not elsewhere classified
      485Supervisors, related agricultural occupations
      007Financial managers
      005Administrators and officials, public administration
      228Broadcast equipment operators
      777Miscellaneous machine operators, not elsewhere classified
      675Hand molders and shapers, except jewelers
      028Purchasing agents and buyers, farm products
      147Theology teachers
      106Physicians assistants
      095Registered nurses
      098Respiratory therapists
      555Supervisors, electricians and power transmission installers
      845Longshore equipment operators
      705Milling and planing machine operators
      754Packaging and filling machine operators
      355Mail carriers, postal service
      614Drillers, oil well
      013Managers, marketing, advertising, and public relations
      068Mathematical scientists, not elsewhere classified
      304Supervisors, computer equipment operators
      869Construction laborers
      139Education teachers
      757Separating, filtering, and clarifying machine operators
      464Baggage porters and bellhops
      444Miscellaneous food preparation occupations
      267Sales workers, radio, TV, hi-fi, and appliances
      514Automobile body and related repairers
      379General office clerks
      033Purchasing agents and buyers, not elsewhere classified
      337Bookkeepers, accounting, and auditing clerks
      875Garbage collectors
      446Health aides, except nursing
      657Cabinet makers and bench carpenters
      783Welders and cutters
      243Supervisors and Proprietors, Sales Occupations
      414Supervisors, police and detectives
      564Brickmason and stonemason apprentices
      063Surveyors and mapping scientists
      022Managers and administrators, not elsewhere classified
      634Tool and die makers
      153Teachers, postsecondary, not elsewhere classified
      254Real estate sales occupations
      148Trade and industrial teachers
      658Furniture and wood finishers
      133Medical science teachers
      758Compressing and compacting machine operators
      829Sailors and deckhands
      447Nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants
      218Surveying and mapping technicians
      563Brickmasons and stonemasons
      413Supervisors, firefighting and fire prevention occupations
      253Insurance sales occupations
      125Sociology teachers
      465Welfare service aides
      516Heavy equipment mechanics
      213Electrical and electronic technicians
      635Tool and die maker apprentices
      727Sawing machine operators
      083Medical scientists
      335File clerks
      149Home economics teachers
      078Biological and life scientists
      116Physics teachers
      509Small engine repairers
      759Painting and paint spraying machine operators
      338Payroll and timekeeping clerks
      383Bank tellers
      756Mixing and blending machine operators
      628Supervisors, production occupations
      268Sales workers, hardware and building supplies
      036Inspectors and compliance officers, except construction
      025Other financial officers
      726Wood lathe, routing, and planing machine operators
      558Supervisors, construction, not elsewhere classified
      449Maids and housemen
      617Mining occupations, not elsewhere classified
      034Business and promotion agents
      015Managers, medicine and health
      124Political science teachers
      467Early childhood teachers assistants
      518Industrial machinery repairers
      798Production samplers and weighers
      543Elevator installers and repairers
      579Painters, construction and maintenance
      215Mechanical engineering technicians
      364Traffic, shipping, and receiving clerks
      725Miscellaneous metal and plastic processing machine operators
      027Personnel, training, and labor relations specialists
      678Dental laboratory and medical appliance technicians
      749Miscellaneous textile machine operators
      339Billing clerks
      507Bus, truck, and stationary engine mechanics
      616Mining machine operators
      517Farm equipment mechanics
      694Water and sewage treatment plant operators
      329Library clerks
      214Industrial engineering technicians
      363Production coordinators
      165Archivists and curators
      677Optical goods workers
      825Railroad brake, signal, and switch operators
      075Geologists and geodesists
      328Personnel clerks, except payroll and timekeeping
      483Marine life cultivation workers
      378Bill and account collectors
      508Aircraft engine mechanics
      269Sales workers, parts
      874Production helpers
      826Rail vehicle operators, not elsewhere classified
      539Mechanical controls and valve repairers
      466Family child care providers
      058Marine and naval architects
      883Freight, stock, and material handlers, not elsewhere classified
      377Eligibility clerks, social welfare
      636Precision assemblers, metal
      123History teachers
      021Managers, service organizations, not elsewhere classified
      448Supervisors, cleaning and building service workers
      659Miscellaneous precision woodworkers
      443Waiters/waitresses assistants
      126Social science teachers, not elsewhere classified
      828Ship captains and mates, except fishing boats
      495Forestry workers, except logging
      225Science technicians, not elsewhere classified
      647Precious stones and metals workers
      596Sheetmetal duct installers
      695Power plant operators
      136Agriculture and forestry teachers
      577Electrical power installers and repairers
      455Pest control occupations
      307Supervisors, distribution, scheduling, and adjusting clerks
      573Drywall installers
      266Sales workers, furniture and home furnishings
      258Sales engineers
      118Psychology teachers
      796Production inspectors, checkers, and examiners
      417Firefighting occupations
      208Health technologists and technicians, not elsewhere classified
      156Teachers, elementary school
      864Supervisors, handlers, equipment cleaners, and laborers, not elsewhere classified
      435Waiters and waitresses
      475Managers, farms, except horticultural
      163Counselors, Educational and Vocational
      345Duplicating machine operators
      376Investigators and adjusters, except insurance
      765Folding machine operators
      744Textile sewing machine operators
      834Bridge, lock, and lighthouse tenders
      799Graders and sorters, except agricultural
      454Elevator operators
      538Office machine repairers
      439Kitchen workers, food preparation
      323Information clerks, not elsewhere classified
      308Computer operators
      865Helpers, mechanics, and repairers
      748Laundering and dry cleaning machine operators
      346Mail preparing and paper handling machine operators
      265Sales workers, shoes
      797Production testers
      188Painters, sculptors, craft-artists, and artist printmakers
      374Material recording, scheduling, and distributing clerks, not elsewhere classified
      343Cost and rate clerks
      479Farm workers
      438Food counter, fountain and related occupations
      496Timber cutting and logging occupations
      833Marine engineers
      069Physicists and astronomers
      536Locksmiths and safe repairers
      576Electrician apprentices
      365Stock and inventory clerks
      747Pressing machine operators
      157Teachers, secondary school
      477Supervisors, farm workers
      693Adjusters and calibrators
      207Licensed practical nurses
      325Classified-ad clerks
      119Economics teachers
      764Washing, cleaning, and pickling machine operators
      655Miscellaneous precision metal workers
      137Art, drama, and music teachers
      263Sales workers, motor vehicles and boats
      745Shoe machine operators
      019Funeral directors
      326Correspondence clerks
      158Teachers, special education
      375Insurance adjusters, examiners, and investigators
      763Roasting and baking machine operators, food
      476Managers, horticultural specialty farms
      689Inspectors, testers, and graders
      733Miscellaneous woodworking machine operators
      707Rolling machine operators
      878Machine feeders and offbearers
      045Metallurgical and materials
      803Supervisors, motor vehicle operators
      534Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics
      795Miscellaneous hand working occupations
      497Captains and other officers, fishing vessels
      533Miscellaneous electrical and electronic equipment repairers
      065Operations and systems researchers and analysts
      306Chief communications operators
      699Miscellaneous plant and system operators
      418Police and detectives, public service
      226Airplane pilots and navigators
      155Teachers, prekindergarten and kindergarten
      205Health record technologists and technicians
      415Supervisors, guards
      264Sales workers, apparel
      135Business, commerce, and marketing teachers
      728Shaping and joining machine operators
      654Sheet metal worker apprentices
      076Physical scientists, not elsewhere classified
      565Tile setters, hard and soft
      859Miscellaneous material moving equipment operators
      223Biological technicians
      649Engravers, metal
      696Stationary engineers
      008Personnel and labor relations managers
      453Janitors and cleaners
      256Advertising and related sales occupations
      206Radiologic technicians
      656Patternmakers and model makers, wood
      793Hand engraving and printing occupations
      117Natural science teachers, not elsewhere classified
      327Order clerks
      305Supervisors, financial records processing
      843Supervisors, material moving equipment operators
      159Teachers, not elsewhere classified
      729Nailing and tacking machine operators
      653Sheet metal workers
      255Securities and financial services sales occupations
      224Chemical technicians
      416Fire inspection and fire prevention occupations
      344Billing, posting, and calculating machine operators
      134Health specialties teachers
      515Aircraft mechanics, except engine
      688Food batchmakers
      877Stock handlers and baggers
      257Sales occupations, other business services
      706Punching and stamping press machine operators
      073Chemists, except biochemists
      154Postsecondary teachers, subject not specified
      535Camera, watch, and musical instrument repairers

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