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Element information


Schema document: docbook.xsd

Type: Anonymous

Properties: Global, Qualified



role [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypefrom group
xml:id [0..1]Unspecifiedfrom group db.common.attributes
version [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeSpecifies the DocBook version of the element and its descendantsfrom group db.common.base.attributes
xml:lang [0..1]Unspecifiedfrom group db.common.base.attributes
xml:base [0..1]Unspecifiedfrom group db.common.base.attributes
remap [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeProvides the name or similar semantic identifier assigned to the content in some previous markup schemefrom group db.common.base.attributes
xreflabel [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeProvides the text that is to be generated for a cross reference to the elementfrom group db.common.base.attributes
revisionflag [0..1]db.revisionflag.enumerationIdentifies the revision status of the elementfrom group db.common.base.attributes
dir [0..1]db.dir.enumerationIdentifies the direction of text in an elementfrom group db.common.base.attributes
arch [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeDesignates the computer or chip architecture to which the element appliesfrom group db.effectivity.attributes
audience [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeDesignates the intended audience to which the element applies, for example, system administrators, programmers, or new users.from group db.effectivity.attributes
condition [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeprovides a standard place for application-specific effectivityfrom group db.effectivity.attributes
conformance [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates standards conformance characteristics of the elementfrom group db.effectivity.attributes
os [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the operating system to which the element is applicablefrom group db.effectivity.attributes
revision [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the editorial revision to which the element belongsfrom group db.effectivity.attributes
security [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates something about the security level associated with the element to which it appliesfrom group db.effectivity.attributes
userlevel [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the level of user experience for which the element appliesfrom group db.effectivity.attributes
vendor [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the computer vendor to which the element applies.from group db.effectivity.attributes
wordsize [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the word size (width in bits) of the computer architecture to which the element appliesfrom group db.effectivity.attributes
annotations [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIdentifies one or more annotations that apply to this elementfrom group db.common.attributes
linkend [0..1]xsd:IDREFPoints to an internal link target by identifying the value of its xml:id attributefrom group db.common.linking.attributes
xlink:href [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypefrom group db.common.linking.attributes
xlink:role [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypefrom group db.common.linking.attributes
xlink:arcrole [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypefrom group db.common.linking.attributes
xlink:title [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypefrom group db.xlink.title.attribute
xlink:show [0..1]Anonymousfrom group db.common.linking.attributes
xlink:actuate [0..1]Anonymousfrom group db.common.linking.attributes
label [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeSpecifies an identifying string for presentation purposesfrom group
status [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIdentifies the editorial or publication status of the element on which it occursfrom group

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