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Schema document: docbook.xsd


arch [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeDesignates the computer or chip architecture to which the element applies
audience [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeDesignates the intended audience to which the element applies, for example, system administrators, programmers, or new users.
condition [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeprovides a standard place for application-specific effectivity
conformance [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates standards conformance characteristics of the element
os [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the operating system to which the element is applicable
revision [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the editorial revision to which the element belongs
security [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates something about the security level associated with the element to which it applies
userlevel [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the level of user experience for which the element applies
vendor [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the computer vendor to which the element applies.
wordsize [0..1]xsd:anySimpleTypeIndicates the word size (width in bits) of the computer architecture to which the element applies

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