Definitive XML Schema

Definitive XML Schema


ISBN: 0132886723

2nd edition, , Prentice Hall PTR.


To leverage XML's full power, organizations need shared vocabularies based on XML Schema. For a full decade, Definitive XML Schema has been the most practical, accessible, and usable guide to working with the XML Schema specification. Now, author Priscilla Walmsley has thoroughly updated her classic to reflect the new XML Schema 1.1 spec and present today's best practices for constructing successful schema. Walmsley explains the current XML Schema standard with unsurpassed insight and clarity, and introduces practical techniques for writing schemas to support any application, including many new use cases. Walmsley explains how XML Schema 1.1 provides a rigorous, complete standard for modeling XML document structure, content, and datatypes, and guides users through all facets of working with schema, including composition, instance validation, documentation, and namespaces. She covers each XML schema building block, offers an in-depth primer on effective schema design, and presents advanced techniques ranging from type derivation to identity constraints. This edition adds extensive new coverage, including:

About the author

Priscilla Walmsley is Managing Director of Datypic and a developer specializing in XML architecture and data management. She previously co-founded XMLSolutions Corporation. Walmsley has over fifteen years of experience in content management, electronic commerce, and enterprise application integration.

Walmsley was a member of the W3C XML Schema Working Group from 1999 to 2004, where she served as an Invited Expert. In addition to Definitive XML Schema, she is the author of XQuery (O'Reilly Media), and co-author of the book Web Service Contract Design and Versioning for SOA (Prentice Hall).