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XSLT 1.0: The complete course


Detailed technical coverage of XSLT 1.0, including XPath 1.0, looping and flow control, templates, copying and creating nodes, modularizing and overriding templates, sorting and grouping.


2-3 days


To schedule a class, please contact us at pwalmsley@datypic.com.

Topics covered

  1. XSLT: The basics
    • Purpose and capabilities of XSLT
    • Overview of stylesheet parts and basic constructs
    • Output methods
  2. XPath
    • Paths and steps
    • Axes
    • Predicates
    • Built-in functions
  3. Flow control in XSLT
    • Looping using xsl:for-each
    • Sorting using xsl:sort
    • Conditions using xsl:if
    • Conditions using xsl:choose
  4. Templates, parameters and variables
    • Template basics
    • Calling templates using xsl:apply-templates
    • Calling templates using xsl:call-templates
    • Understanding the default templates
  5. Copying and creating nodes
    • Copying nodes using xsl:copy and xsl:copy-of
    • Creating nodes dynamically using xsl:element and xsl:attribute
    • Other kinds of nodes
  6. Modularizing and overriding stylesheets and templates
    • Combining stylesheets using xsl:include and xsl:import
    • Using modes
    • Understanding template priority
  7. Sorting and Grouping
    • Sorting
    • Grouping
    • IDs and keys
  8. Overview of other XSLT-related technologies
    • EXSLT extension functions
    • XSLT 2.0: What's new?
    • XSL-FO