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XQuery Training

Introduction to XQuery

A course based on material from the book XQuery.

You can download the slides [PDF file, 425kb, last updated 2006-06-21]. If you are interested in having Priscilla present this tutorial to your group, please contact her at pwalmsley@datypic.com.


XQuery is a language for querying XML data and documents that is currently being developed by the W3C. This tutorial covers the basics of XQuery from a technical perspective. It provides attendees with a solid understanding of the syntax and structure of XQuery expressions. Emphasis is on practical examples and hands-on participation from the attendees.

Topics Covered:

  • XQuery in Context
  • Easing into XQuery
  • The Data Model
  • XQuery Language Basics
  • Path Expressions
  • Adding Elements and Attributes
  • Selecting and Filtering
  • Sorting Results
  • Combining and Joining Results
  • Namespaces
  • Functions
  • A Closer Look at Types
  • Schemas