Introduction to XML: A training course


This introduction to XML explains the purpose, use cases and benefits of XML. It provides a very high-level overview of the many XML-related technologies in use today, for example validation tools (DTDs, schemas), XML transformation and query languages (XPath, XSLT, XQuery, XSL-FO), XML programming APIs (SAX, DOM, StaX, Data Binding). The course also includes detailed coverage of XML namespaces.


1-2 days (usually combined with other courses)


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Topics covered

  1. XML: The business proposition
    • Purpose and benefits
    • Common use cases for XML
    • Output methods
  2. XML: A technical Introduction
    • Basic XML syntax
    • Documents, elements and attributes
    • Encoding, special characters and escapes
    • Additional XML components (entities, comments, PIs)
  3. Namespaces in XML
    • Purpose
    • Declaring namespaces
  4. XML schema languages: An introduction
    • The purpose of schemas
    • Comparison of common schema languages: DTD, W3C XML Schema, RELAX NG, Schematron
    • A simple schema example
  5. XPath
    • What is XPath?
    • Accessing elements and attributes using path expressions
    • XPath functions and operators
  6. XSLT
    • What is XSLT?
    • XSLT use cases
    • A simple stylesheet example
  7. Styling XML
    • X(HTML)/CSS for the Web
    • XSL-FO for print/PDF
  8. XML databases and queries
    • XML database scenarios
    • XML vs. relational databases
    • The basics of XQuery
  9. Web Services and SOA
    • What are Web Services?
    • Web Services standards: WSDL and SOAP
    • REST Web services
  10. Programming with XML: An overview
    • XML APIs (SAX, DOM, StaX, etc.)
    • Data binding tools