Datypic services


We participate in projects ranging from one day to many months, anywhere in the world. We can arrange to work remotely or at your site, whichever you prefer. Our areas of expertise include:

Electronic publishing
We have strong backgrounds in publishing technologies and can assist with a large-scale (or small-scale!) conversion of content to the Web or to eBooks, whether they be EPUB, PDF or Kindle/MOBI formats. We can advise on best practices for structuring content, especially technical content, for maximum readability and usability.
Web development
Our resources are skilled in a variety of programming and scripting languages for Web development, as well as no-SQL, XML and relational databases. We can help with any Web development, but are particularly attuned to the design and development of Web applications that are usable on mobile devices.
SOA/Web Services implementation
We can help you realize the benefits of a service-oriented architecture, whether it be WSDL-based or REST-based, by helping with software development and/or tools implementation.
XML design
We are experts in XML document and schema design. If you are designing an XML vocabulary, we can help with the development and advise you on the many design considerations, including versioning and change management, extensibility, reuse, and performance.
NIEM implementation
We have extensive experience implementing NIEM in three different federal agencies. We can assist your organization with developing NIEM IEPDs, or developing applications to consume NIEM messages.
XML core technologies
We have world-class expertise in core XML technologies such as XQuery, XSLT, XSL-FO, XML Schema and Schematron. Whatever your use case, we can assist you by providing development resources, or by performing design reviews of your existing or planned XML implementation. We can also troubleshoot issues (such as performance problems or upgrades) with these technologies.