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    This is a schema for XSLT 2.0 stylesheets.
    It defines all the elements that appear in the XSLT namespace; it also
    provides hooks that allow the inclusion of user-defined literal result elements,
    extension instructions, and top-level data elements.
    The schema is derived (with kind permission) from a schema for XSLT 1.0 stylesheets
    produced by Asir S Vedamuthu of WebMethods Inc.
    This schema is available for use under the conditions of the W3C Software License
    published at
    The schema is organized as follows:
    PART A: definitions of complex types and model groups used as the basis 
            for element definitions
    PART B: definitions of individual XSLT elements
    PART C: definitions for literal result elements
    PART D: definitions of simple types used in attribute definitions
    This schema does not attempt to define all the constraints that apply to a valid
    XSLT 2.0 stylesheet module. It is the intention that all valid stylesheet modules 
    should conform to this schema; however, the schema is non-normative and in the event 
    of any conflict, the text of the Recommendation takes precedence.

    This schema does not implement the special rules that apply when a stylesheet
    has sections that use forwards-compatible-mode. In this mode, setting version="3.0"
    allows elements from the XSLT namespace to be used that are not defined in XSLT 2.0.

    Simplified stylesheets (those with a literal result element as the outermost element)
    will validate against this schema only if validation starts in lax mode.
    This version is dated 2007-03-16
    Authors: Michael H Kay, Saxonica Limited
             Jeni Tennison, Jeni Tennison Consulting Ltd.
    2007-03-15: added xsl:document element
                revised xsl:sequence element
    PART A: definitions of complex types and model groups used as the basis 
            for element definitions

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File path: schema-for-xslt20.xsd

Properties: Element Form Default: qualified

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