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The type xsd:QName represents an XML namespace-qualified name. A xsd:QName value consists of a prefix and a local part, separated by a colon, both of which are NCName values. The prefix and colon are optional, but if they are not present, it is assumed that either the name is namespace-qualified by other means (e.g., by a default namespace declaration), or the name is not in a namespace.

Simple Type Information


Schema Document: builtintypes.xsd



Valid valuesComment
pre:myElementvalid assuming the prefix "pre" is mapped to a namespace in scope
myElementprefix and colon are optional
Invalid valuesComment
:myElementa QName must not start with a colon
pre:3rdElementthe local part must not start with a number; it must be a valid NCName
an empty value is not valid, unless xsi:nil is used

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