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The type xsd:double represents an IEEE double-precision 64-bit floating-point number. The format of xsd:double values is a mantissa (a number which conforms to the type decimal) followed, optionally, by the character "E" or "e" followed by an exponent. The exponent must be an integer. For example, 3E2 represents 3 times 10 to the 2nd power, or 300. The exponent must be an integer.

In addition, the following values are valid: INF (infinity), -INF (negative infinity), and NaN (Not a Number). INF is considered to be greater than all other values, while -INF is less than all other values. The value NaN cannot be compared to any other values, although it equals itself.

Simple Type Information


Schema Document: datatypes.xsd



Valid valuesComment
+3.5any value valid for decimal is also valid for xsd:double
-INFnegative infinity
NaNNot a Number
Invalid valuesComment
-3E2.4the exponent must be an integer
12Ean exponent must be specified if "E" is present
NANvalues are case-sensitive, must be capitalized correctly
an empty value is not valid, unless xsi:nil is used

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