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The top-level element of a Schematron schema.

Element information

Type: Anonymous

Properties: Global, Qualified



id [0..1]xsd:ID
see [0..1]sch:uriValueA name describing the function of the assertion or context node in the pattern. If the assertion has a subject attribute, then the role labels the arc between the context node and any nodes which match the path expression given by the subject attribute.from group sch:rich
fpi [0..1]sch:fpiValueA formal public identifier for the schema, phase or other element.from group sch:rich
xml:lang [0..1]Anonymousfrom group sch:rich
xml:space [0..1]Anonymousfrom group sch:rich
schemaVersion [0..1]sch:non-empty-stringThe version of the schema. Its allowed values are not defined by this part of ISO/IEC 19757 and its use is implementation-dependent.
defaultPhase [0..1]xsd:IDREFThe phase to use in the absence of explicit user-supplied information
queryBinding [0..1]sch:non-empty-stringThe short name of the query language binding in use.
Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: ##other, Process Contents: skipfrom group sch:foreign-attributes
Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: ##local, Process Contents: skipfrom group sch:foreign-attributes

Sample instance

   <!--any element-->

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