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Search tips

Spaces are ignored in search terms.

Leaving the search terms blank will bring back all of the components in the selected namespace.

You can use a regular expression in your search terms. Examples:

P.e"P" followed by one character, followed by "e"
P.?e"P" followed zero or one character, followed by "e"
P.+e"P" followed by one or many characters, followed by "e"
P.*e"P" followed by zero, one or many characters, followed by "e"
^PStarts with "P"
e$Ends with "e"
^P.*e$Starts with "P" and ends with "e"
[pd]e"p" or "d" followed by "e"
(person|activity)type"person" or "activity" followed by "type"

You can use namespace prefixes in your search terms. This is a shortcut for selecting a namespace from the drop-down menu. For example, searching on "nc:Person" will bring back names containing "Person" in the NIEM Core namespace. This relies on using a specific namespace prefix for each namespace. See the overview for a list of the namespaces and prefixes used for this vocabulary. Note that prefixes are not treated like regular expressions.