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w:dropCap [0..1]w:ST_DropCapDrop Cap Frame
w:lines [0..1]w:ST_DecimalNumberDrop Cap Vertical Height in Lines
w:w [0..1]w:ST_TwipsMeasureFrame Width
w:h [0..1]w:ST_TwipsMeasureFrame Height
w:vSpace [0..1]w:ST_TwipsMeasureVertical Frame Padding
w:hSpace [0..1]w:ST_TwipsMeasureHorizontal Frame Padding
w:wrap [0..1]w:ST_WrapText Wrapping Around Frame
w:hAnchor [0..1]w:ST_HAnchorFrame Horizontal Positioning Base
w:vAnchor [0..1]w:ST_VAnchorFrame Vertical Positioning Base
w:x [0..1]w:ST_SignedTwipsMeasureAbsolute Horizontal Position
w:xAlign [0..1]w:ST_XAlignRelative Horizontal Position
w:y [0..1]w:ST_SignedTwipsMeasureAbsolute Vertical Position
w:yAlign [0..1]w:ST_YAlignRelative Vertical Position
w:hRule [0..1]w:ST_HeightRuleFrame Height Type
w:anchorLock [0..1]w:ST_OnOffLock Frame Anchor to Paragraph

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