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paperSize [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntPaper SizeDefault value is "1".
scale [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntPrint ScaleDefault value is "100".
firstPageNumber [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntFirst Page NumberDefault value is "1".
fitToWidth [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntFit To WidthDefault value is "1".
fitToHeight [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntFit To HeightDefault value is "1".
pageOrder [0..1]ssml:ST_PageOrderPage OrderDefault value is "downThenOver".
orientation [0..1]ssml:ST_OrientationOrientationDefault value is "default".
usePrinterDefaults [0..1]xsd:booleanUse Printer DefaultsDefault value is "true".
blackAndWhite [0..1]xsd:booleanBlack and WhiteDefault value is "false".
draft [0..1]xsd:booleanDraftDefault value is "false".
cellComments [0..1]ssml:ST_CellCommentsPrint Cell CommentsDefault value is "none".
useFirstPageNumber [0..1]xsd:booleanUse First Page NumberDefault value is "false".
errors [0..1]ssml:ST_PrintErrorPrint Error HandlingDefault value is "displayed".
horizontalDpi [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntHorizontal DPIDefault value is "600".
verticalDpi [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntVertical DPIDefault value is "600".
copies [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntNumber Of CopiesDefault value is "1".
r:id [0..1]r:ST_RelationshipIdId

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