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guid [1..1]ssml:ST_GuidGUID
scale [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntPrint ScaleDefault value is "100".
colorId [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntColor IdDefault value is "64".
showPageBreaks [0..1]xsd:booleanShow Page BreaksDefault value is "false".
showFormulas [0..1]xsd:booleanShow FormulasDefault value is "false".
showGridLines [0..1]xsd:booleanShow Grid LinesDefault value is "true".
showRowCol [0..1]xsd:booleanShow HeadersDefault value is "true".
outlineSymbols [0..1]xsd:booleanShow Outline SymbolsDefault value is "true".
zeroValues [0..1]xsd:booleanShow Zero ValuesDefault value is "true".
fitToPage [0..1]xsd:booleanFit To PageDefault value is "false".
printArea [0..1]xsd:booleanPrint Area DefinedDefault value is "false".
filter [0..1]xsd:booleanFiltered ListDefault value is "false".
showAutoFilter [0..1]xsd:booleanShow AutoFitler Drop Down ControlsDefault value is "false".
hiddenRows [0..1]xsd:booleanHidden RowsDefault value is "false".
hiddenColumns [0..1]xsd:booleanHidden ColumnsDefault value is "false".
state [0..1]ssml:ST_SheetStateVisible StateDefault value is "visible".
filterUnique [0..1]xsd:booleanFilterDefault value is "false".
view [0..1]ssml:ST_SheetViewTypeView TypeDefault value is "normal".
showRuler [0..1]xsd:booleanShow RulerDefault value is "true".
topLeftCell [0..1]ssml:ST_CellRefTop Left Visible Cell

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