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Web Publishing Properties

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css [0..1]xsd:booleanUse CSSDefault value is "true".
thicket [0..1]xsd:booleanThicketDefault value is "true".
longFileNames [0..1]xsd:booleanEnable Long File NamesDefault value is "true".
vml [0..1]xsd:booleanVML in BrowsersDefault value is "false".
allowPng [0..1]xsd:booleanAllow PNGDefault value is "false".
targetScreenSize [0..1]ssml:ST_TargetScreenSizeTarget Screen SizeDefault value is "800x600".
dpi [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntDPIDefault value is "96".
codePage [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntCode Page

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