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PivotTable Field

Element information

Type: ssml:CT_PivotField

Properties: Local, Qualified



name [0..1]ssml:ST_XstringField Name
axis [0..1]ssml:ST_AxisAxis
dataField [0..1]xsd:booleanData FieldDefault value is "false".
subtotalCaption [0..1]ssml:ST_XstringCustom Subtotal Caption
showDropDowns [0..1]xsd:booleanShow PivotField Header Drop DownsDefault value is "true".
hiddenLevel [0..1]xsd:booleanHidden LevelDefault value is "false".
uniqueMemberProperty [0..1]ssml:ST_XstringUnique Member Property
compact [0..1]xsd:booleanCompactDefault value is "true".
allDrilled [0..1]xsd:booleanAll Items ExpandedDefault value is "false".
numFmtId [0..1]ssml:ST_NumFmtIdNumber Format Id
outline [0..1]xsd:booleanOutline ItemsDefault value is "true".
subtotalTop [0..1]xsd:booleanSubtotals At TopDefault value is "true".
dragToRow [0..1]xsd:booleanDrag To RowDefault value is "true".
dragToCol [0..1]xsd:booleanDrag To ColumnDefault value is "true".
multipleItemSelectionAllowed [0..1]xsd:booleanMultiple Field FiltersDefault value is "false".
dragToPage [0..1]xsd:booleanDrag Field to PageDefault value is "true".
dragToData [0..1]xsd:booleanField Can Drag to DataDefault value is "true".
dragOff [0..1]xsd:booleanDrag OffDefault value is "true".
showAll [0..1]xsd:booleanShow All ItemsDefault value is "true".
insertBlankRow [0..1]xsd:booleanInsert Blank RowDefault value is "false".
serverField [0..1]xsd:booleanServer-based Page FieldDefault value is "false".
insertPageBreak [0..1]xsd:booleanInsert Item Page BreakDefault value is "false".
autoShow [0..1]xsd:booleanAuto ShowDefault value is "false".
topAutoShow [0..1]xsd:booleanTop Auto ShowDefault value is "true".
hideNewItems [0..1]xsd:booleanHide New ItemsDefault value is "false".
measureFilter [0..1]xsd:booleanMeasure FilterDefault value is "false".
includeNewItemsInFilter [0..1]xsd:booleanInclusive Manual FilterDefault value is "false".
itemPageCount [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntItems Per Page CountDefault value is "10".
sortType [0..1]ssml:ST_FieldSortTypeAuto Sort TypeDefault value is "manual".
dataSourceSort [0..1]xsd:booleanData Source Sort
nonAutoSortDefault [0..1]xsd:booleanAuto SortDefault value is "false".
rankBy [0..1]xsd:unsignedIntAuto Show Rank By
defaultSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanShow Default SubtotalDefault value is "true".
sumSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanSum SubtotalDefault value is "false".
countASubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanCountADefault value is "false".
avgSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanAverageDefault value is "false".
maxSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanMax SubtotalDefault value is "false".
minSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanMin SubtotalDefault value is "false".
productSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanProduct SubtotalDefault value is "false".
countSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanCountDefault value is "false".
stdDevSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanStdDev SubtotalDefault value is "false".
stdDevPSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanStdDevP SubtotalDefault value is "false".
varSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanVariance SubtotalDefault value is "false".
varPSubtotal [0..1]xsd:booleanVarP SubtotalDefault value is "false".
showPropCell [0..1]xsd:booleanShow Member Property in CellDefault value is "false".
showPropTip [0..1]xsd:booleanShow Member Property ToolTipDefault value is "false".
showPropAsCaption [0..1]xsd:booleanShow As CaptionDefault value is "false".
defaultAttributeDrillState [0..1]xsd:booleanDrill StateDefault value is "false".

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