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Outer Shadow Effect

Element information



blurRad [0..1]a:ST_PositiveCoordinateBlur RadiusDefault value is "0".
dist [0..1]a:ST_PositiveCoordinateShadow Offset DistanceDefault value is "0".
dir [0..1]a:ST_PositiveFixedAngleShadow DirectionDefault value is "0".
sx [0..1]a:ST_PercentageHorizontal Scaling FactorDefault value is "100000".
sy [0..1]a:ST_PercentageVertical Scaling FactorDefault value is "100000".
kx [0..1]a:ST_FixedAngleHorizontal SkewDefault value is "0".
ky [0..1]a:ST_FixedAngleVertical SkewDefault value is "0".
algn [0..1]a:ST_RectAlignmentShadow AlignmentDefault value is "b".
rotWithShape [0..1]xsd:booleanRotate With ShapeDefault value is "true".

Used in

Sample instance

   <a:scrgbClr r="1" g="1" b="1">
      <a:tint val="1"/>

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