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Page Number Format

Attribute information

Type: w:ST_NumberFormat

Properties: Local, Qualified


  • Type based on xsd:string
    • Valid valueDescription
      decimalDecimal Numbers
      upperRomanUppercase Roman Numerals
      lowerRomanLowercase Roman Numerals
      upperLetterUppercase Latin Alphabet
      lowerLetterLowercase Latin Alphabet
      cardinalTextCardinal Text
      ordinalTextOrdinal Text
      hexHexadecimal Numbering
      chicagoChicago Manual of Style
      japaneseCountingJapanese Counting System
      aiueoAIUEO Order Hiragana
      irohaIroha Ordered Katakana
      decimalFullWidthDouble Byte Arabic Numerals
      decimalHalfWidthSingle Byte Arabic Numerals
      japaneseLegalJapanese Legal Numbering
      japaneseDigitalTenThousandJapanese Digital Ten Thousand Counting System
      decimalEnclosedCircleDecimal Numbers Enclosed in a Circle
      decimalFullWidth2Double Byte Arabic Numerals Alternate
      aiueoFullWidthFull-Width AIUEO Order Hiragana
      irohaFullWidthFull-Width Iroha Ordered Katakana
      decimalZeroInitial Zero Arabic Numerals
      ganadaKorean Ganada Numbering
      chosungKorean Chosung Numbering
      decimalEnclosedFullstopDecimal Numbers Followed by a Period
      decimalEnclosedParenDecimal Numbers Enclosed in Parenthesis
      decimalEnclosedCircleChineseDecimal Numbers Enclosed in a Circle
      ideographEnclosedCircleIdeographs Enclosed in a Circle
      ideographTraditionalTraditional Ideograph Format
      ideographZodiacZodiac Ideograph Format
      ideographZodiacTraditionalTraditional Zodiac Ideograph Format
      taiwaneseCountingTaiwanese Counting System
      ideographLegalTraditionalTraditional Legal Ideograph Format
      taiwaneseCountingThousandTaiwanese Counting Thousand System
      taiwaneseDigitalTaiwanese Digital Counting System
      chineseCountingChinese Counting System
      chineseLegalSimplifiedChinese Legal Simplified Format
      chineseCountingThousandChinese Counting Thousand System
      koreanDigitalKorean Digital Counting System
      koreanCountingKorean Counting System
      koreanLegalKorean Legal Numbering
      koreanDigital2Korean Digital Counting System Alternate
      vietnameseCountingVietnamese Numerals
      russianLowerLowercase Russian Alphabet
      russianUpperUppercase Russian Alphabet
      noneNo Numbering
      numberInDashNumber With Dashes
      hebrew1Hebrew Numerals
      hebrew2Hebrew Alphabet
      arabicAlphaArabic Alphabet
      arabicAbjadArabic Abjad Numerals
      hindiVowelsHindi Vowels
      hindiConsonantsHindi Consonants
      hindiNumbersHindi Numbers
      hindiCountingHindi Counting System
      thaiLettersThai Letters
      thaiNumbersThai Numerals
      thaiCountingThai Counting System
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