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The terms of the transportation agreement. 
Usage:  When a seller ships something via common to a buyer in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code and international legal agreements, you must specify a particular "phrase" that states who assumes the risk of shipment, who is responsible for loading and unloading the goods, where ownership or title to the goods passes, who paid or pays the carrier, etc.

Examples of these "phrases" include:
- "FOB Origin Prepaid and Add" (Free On Board - no cost for loading, title passes at seller's dock, seller prepaid freight cost and delivery insurance, seller will freight costs to cost of goods)
- "FOB Destination" or "FOB Destination Prepaid" (Free On Board - no cost for loading, title passes at buyer's dock, seller prepaid freight cost and delivery insurance)

In software applications, this phrase is commonly split into two coded pieces, a "legal terms" risk and responsibility component for use with common carriers (FOB Destination) and some kind of qualifying component (Prepaid and Add).

Complex type information

Properties: ID: oagis-id-7601abe621e048e0ab28584112b54b17



Name Occ Type Description Notes
typeCode [0..1] CodeType_1E7368 from type IdentificationType
actionCode [0..1] ActionCodeContentType from type IdentificationType

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