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The Show verb is used when sending the information about a specific instance of a business document or entity.  The Show verb may be used to respond to a Get request or it can be used in a publish scenario, where it pushes information to other applications based on a business event.Although BODs based on this verb do not commonly cause updates to occur, there may be times when the component receiving the Show decides to use the information it receives to update.  This is entirely the decision of the receiving software component and is not forbidden.The behavior of the Show verb is quite straight forward with one exception.  The Show response to any Get request needs to read the request carefully to ensure the response is returning the requested Data Types.

Element information

Type: ShowType

Properties: Global, Qualified, ID: oagis-id-b43875f89e364487997308fb0bffa3be



Name Occ Type Description Notes
recordSetStartNumber [0..1] PositiveIntegerNumberType
recordSetCount [0..1] PositiveIntegerNumberType
recordSetTotal [0..1] PositiveIntegerNumberType
recordSetCompleteIndicator [0..1] IndicatorType
recordSetReferenceId [0..1] IDType_B3F14E

Used in

Sample instance

         <!--any element-->
            <!--any element-->
      <ResponseExpression actionCode="token">token</ResponseExpression>

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