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The purpose of the NotifyPriceList is to communicate to a business application module or system the need to initiate the creation of product price list information as well as update existing price lists.

This BOD may be necessary to address the Make to Order, Assemble to Order, or Mixed Mode business ordering scenarios in a Order Management to Manufacturing application integration scenario.

There are many possible business applications in several environments that may use this capability. For example, a Manufacturing, distributor or reseller business application could use this to communicate the price change or request a price list.

It may also be necessary to support Component Supplier Management (CSM) scenarios.  In this scenario a company will provide a service of sourcing and codifying the products of many companies and publishing a consolidated catalog.  A customer purchases the product from the Catalog provider.  They have the capability to do comparison shopping from the catalog.  Supplier Certification may be provided by the Catalog provider.

This definition of price list is intended to support simple pricing scenario, especially pricing that may accompany a published price list. It is not intended to support complex pricing environments that may be needed to support features such as;
·	Deals and Promotions
·	Coupons and Sales Incentives
·	Rebates and Accruals

This functionality will be addressed in a subsequent release. It is a working assumption that the representation of complex qualifications, coupons and sales incentives are rarely communicated between systems.

This information is provided as information it is up to the receiving system to determine what to do with it.  

Element information

Type: NotifyPriceListType

Properties: Global, Qualified, ID: oagis-id-201c0236cf0c49bf9f26cbfc6cc4ae49



Name Occ Type Description Notes
releaseID [1..1] NormalizedStringType OAGIS Release this BOD Instances belongs or the OAGIS release that the derivative work is based on. from type BusinessObjectDocumentType
versionID [0..1] NormalizedStringType Indicates the version of the given BOD definition. from type BusinessObjectDocumentType
systemEnvironmentCode [0..1] SystemEnvironmentCodeContentType Indicates whether this BOD is being sent in a "Test" or a "Production" mode. If the BOD is being sent in a test mode, it's information should not affect the business operation. However, if the BOD is sent in "Production" mode it is assumed that all test has been complete and the contents of the BOD are to affect the operation of the receiving business application(s). Default value is "Production". from type BusinessObjectDocumentType
languageCode [0..1] LanguageCodeContentType Indicates the language that the contents of the BOD is in unless otherwise stated. Default value is "en-US". from type BusinessObjectDocumentType

Sample instance

<NotifyPriceList releaseID="normalizedString">
         <!--any element-->
            <!--any element-->

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